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Can Finejewelers People Explain Your Layaway Plan ?

When selecting Layaway Plan, customers can choose between one and five easy payments billed to their Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Jewelry selection usually ships after last payment is made. If you need to arrange for a different form of payment or you don't feel comfortable using a credit card over the internet you could call toll free at (888)470-FINE (3463) for more information. 

To use easy Layaway Plan, complete your purchase as you normally would and select the Layaway Plan link at the payment option page when you check out.

Can My Certificate Of Authenticity Be Used to Insure My Jewelry?

Yes, your Certificate of Authenticity has all the information your insurance company requires to insure your jewelry at full retail value.

Does Ship Internationally ?

As of May 1st, 2011 FineJeweler will no longer be accepting international orders.

What Kind Of Shipping Method Does Offer?

All shipping from, Inc. are done via any of the major US carriers, including UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx.

Does My Jewelry Come With a Warranty ?

All fine jewelry purchased from, is covered by 30 days money back guarantee and by limited lifetime warranty. FineJewelers' limited lifetime warranty covers items of Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver fine jewelry including all Benchmark Products. This warranty is valid only for defects in manufacturing and is based upon our inspection and sole determination. The warranty may or may not cover replacement for damaged or missing gemstones. All side stones and all semiprecious center stones up to 3 carats in size, are covered by lifetime warrantee in case of loss or damage due to a manufacturing defect. Ruby, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Tanzanites set as center stones, and gemstones over 3 carats in size are fully covered against loss or damage for the first 30 days from the date of shipping. There after Lifetime Warrantee will cover only labor costs in replacing the above listed gemstones.. An estimated wholesale cost for replacing the missing precious gemstone will be provided, and the repair will be done upon your approval of the charge.

How Could the Prices Be So Much Lower Then Other Web Site and Jewelry Stores?

Most successful web sites on the Internet today spend up to 70% of their income on expensive marketing and advertising to lure customers in. Here at they cut the expenses of a marketing team, costly advertising agencies, and fifty thousand dollar ads that appear in magazines only once. cut all extra expenses and bring these savings back to customers. hope to grow our business on a word of mouth withlow prices, great service and excellent selection. 

As for a physical brick and mortar jewelry store, the following four examples will show where your savings are coming from: 

  1. don't have the high rent expenses of being in a shopping mall: offices are located in the center of the jewelry industry in New York City where new designs and great deal are brought to our buyers on a daily basis. 
  2. is not limited to the local clientele of a small town. cater to customers world wide which reduces cost per customer.
  3. A single sales representative at can assist hundreds of customers daily where a sales person in a jewelry store might spend his entire day helping two or three customers.
  4. Buying power and high volume purchases from vendors provide them with discounts that a typical jewelry store can not attain. These savings are incorporated into prices.