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Gifts N Ideas FAQ

I Don't Know the Recipient's Zip Code. What Should I Do?

Zip/Pin code is mandatory if the product is shipped via a courier. If it is a Hand Delivered gift we can try delivering it without a zip code. In such a case or if the recipient country doesn't have a Zip/Pin code please mention it as 111111.

What are the Shipping Rates of Gifts N Ideas?

Shipping charges vary depending on country and product chosen by you. The product page displays shipping options which are: Hand delivered, Standard ground shipping, Express Next Day, Express 2 Days and Express 4 Days.

What Does Gifts N Ideas Do When the Recipient is Not Available At the Time Of Delivery?

For Hand Delivered products the recipient will be contacted on phone and a redelivery is arranged. If the product is shipped by a courier the gift is left at the doorstep provided the local agent deems it to be safe otherwise a calling card will be left. The recipient can contact the number on the calling card and fix an appointment for redelivery. This may however vary based on the product selected. Please go through the shipping policy which is mentioned on that specific product page.

Will Two Or More Orders Placed for the Same Recipient and to the Same Address Be Delivered At the Same Time?

This is possible in case both or all the products are delivered by the same supplier. But if the chosen products are to be delivered by different suppliers then delivery of the products at the same time is not possible.

Will I Be Charged If the Recipient is Not Available?

Gifts N Ideas' shipping policies vary with the type of product that you select. Please go through the policy which is mentioned on that specific product page.

Does Gifts N Ideas Deliver On Weekends?

Gifts N Ideas delivers certain products on weekends. If you need a gift to be delivered on a weekend, please click on the Saturday Delivery or Sunday Delivery link on the left side of the page in the recipient country catalog.

What Days Of the Week Does Gifts N Ideas Deliver?

Gifts N Ideas delivers Monday through Friday and also on weekends depending upon the country and type of product. Some products are not available for Monday delivery. The product page displays the option of selecting your desired delivery date.

Can I Request for a Specific Time Of Delivery?

Gifts N Ideas does take requests for delivery at a specific time of the day and try to do Gifts N Ideas' best to meet the time requirement, but Gifts N Ideas cannot assure delivery at the specified time.

What are Gifts N Ideas Delivery Timings?

Gifts N Ideas delivers between 10am- 7pm in the recipient's time zone.

How are the Gifts Delivered?

All the gifts are sourced and delivered through local merchants within the country. Gifts are either hand delivered or shipped using FedEx, DHL and other similar services.

Can Gifts N Ideas Deliver On the Same Day?

Some products can be delivered on the same day provided you place the order before a cut off time. For most countries the cut off time is around 12:00 noon in the recipient's time zone. For the exact cut off time please refer to the shipping policy on that particular product page.

How Much Time Does Gifts N Ideas Take for Delivery?

Gifts N Ideas sources all the gifts through local merchants so most gifts are delivered within 1 - 2 days.The product page displays option for selecting the desired delivery date.

Where Can Gifts N Ideas Deliver Gifts To?

Gifts N Ideas delivers to major cities and towns in over 180 countries worldwide.