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GracoBaby FAQ

What Type Of Chairs are Safe to Use Graco® Booster Seats With?

The recommended chair type for booster use has four legs, a high backrest, and a firm seat. DO NOT USE the booster on a stool, swivel chair, folding chair or any other type of chair to which this booster cannot be firmly attached.

Are Graco® Swings Approved for Overnight Sleep?

Graco® does not promote overnight sleep in swings. There are certain products that are rated for attended sleep including DreamGlider® Gliding Swing + Sleeper and Soothing System™ Glider.

What are the Weight and Height Limits for My Graco Swing?

The weight and height limits differ from product to product, but the information regarding your specific Graco® product can be found by visiting the specific product information page at or referencing the instruction manual. If a child has outgrown either the weight limit or height limit of a Graco® product, discontinue use of the product.

How is a Rocker Different Than a Bouncer?

A rocker moves front to back and has to be manually rocked by a caregiver. A bouncer moves up and down and lets baby use their own wiggling in the seat to create movement.

How Long Can My Baby Use This Graco® Swing?

Usage period varies by product - please reference the instruction manual that came with your swing or the product's information page on Your baby can use the swing until they either reach the maximum weight limit for the product or attempt to climb out of the swing seat.

Where Can I Locate the Instruction Manual for My Graco® Product?

A product instruction manual came in the box with your product, and can also be found on the product's information page at and can be downloaded for future use.

What is Soothe Surround™ Technology?

Soothe Surround™ Technology mimcs time-tested, proven methods that parents use to soothe their little ones. Soothe Surround™ recreates these soothing techniques, like the middle of the night car ride, within the swing, by linking the sound and motion of a moving car to soothe baby from the comfort of your own home!

My Graco® Swing is Not Working Properly. How Do I Get Assistance?

If you experience any difficulties while using your swing, please contact the Customer Service Department to troubleshoot possible solutions at 1-800-345-4109.

Is There Any Form Of Latex In My Graco® Swing?

Graco® does not use Latex in children’s products.

Can I Install My Car Seat Using the Seat Belt If the Belt is Located Forward Of the Seat Crease?

Vehicle seat belts located forward of the seat crease may not securely hold the child restraint. Check your vehicle owner’s manual or see vehicle dealer for car seat installation requirements.
The position will be that if a tight install can be achieved then it is a good seating position to be used.

How Do I Change the Position Of the Crotch Buckle?

The correct slot is the one that is closest to your child without being underneath your child.

To Adjust Crotch Buckle Strap (Also located in your owner's manual):

  • Recline the car seat and locate the metal retainer under the car seat shell.
  • Rotate the metal retainer and insert it up through the shell and seat pad. From the top of the car seat, pull the buckle out.
  • Insert metal retainer in the new buckle strap slot. Reach underneath the car seat and pull the metal retainer through.
  • Pull up on the buckle strap to make sure it is secured.