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I Have a Pair Of Boots With a Waxed Canvas Panel That Has Begun to Show Some Marks On It. What Do I Do?

This is a characteristic of wear and most people think it adds character. If it is something that displeases you, you may try rubbing the canvas area with some Otter Wax to darken the entire panel.

I've Owned a Pair Of HELM for 2 Years and I Have an Issue With Them. What Do I Do?

Boots are made to be worn and with that wear there are some expected repairs. When small issues related to wear occur, HELM recommends taking your HELM to a trusted cobbler who can aid you. If an issue - big or small -  occurs within the first two months of ownership, please contact HELM at contact@helmboots.com and let us know so HELM can assess whether it is a wear-related issue or a quality control issue. Please tell HELM the date of purchase and attach a picture of the issue.

When Does HELM Process My Order?

In most cases, HELM ships within 24 hours of the day of purchase. If you place your order after 1pm CST or on the weekend, your order will ship the next business day. Please note, your order will not ship until payment for the order has cleared.

I Ride a Motorcycle Or Like to Skateboard In My HELM. What Can I Expect?

It is up to you what you do in the boots but motorcycle riding and skateboarding will certainly speed up the time needed in between resoles. HELM boots are designed for a variety of activities but are not reinforced for extreme street use.

I Work In a Wood Shop/welding Shop/machine Shop/the Forest. Can I Wear These to Work?

Yes, you can certainly work in our boots, but do note that they aren’t built with steel toes, reinforced stitching, or other essentials that are needed to make them OSHA rated. HELM designs boots to be used both professionally and casually and customers send photos of themselves using them for a wide range of things. Any heavy labor or construction work in our boots will certainly speed up time needed in between resoles or repairs.

What Happens If I Spill Something On My Boots? What Can I Do?

Boots can receive some of the hardest wear and tear out of all the things HELM's own. Your best bet is to protect your boots with a boot wax before the stains or spills occur. If your boots need to be cleaned, many water-based stains can be treated with saddle soap. When using saddle soap, HELM advises removing your laces and treating the entire boot as the soap can change the color of the leather. For oil based stains, HELM would suggest taking your boots to a local cobbler in your area.  For light color or teak color boots, we also suggest working with your local cobbler. They can usually touch up or color match boots. If all else fails, don't fret because your boots are still in good working order. Add some polish and a fresh set of laces and embraces the unique story of your boot's journey.

How Does HELM Boots Fit Compared to Other Boots Or Running Shoes?

HELM Boots is sized using the Brannock system (the sizing device found in most shoe stores). All of boots, with the exception of The Pablo, run true to size. This means that if your foot is measured to be a size 9 you will wear a size 9 in HELM. HELM Boots are sized similarly to other heritage boot brands so if you are a size 9 in Redwing, HELM Boots would suggest ordering a size 9 in HELM. Running shoes and sneakers tend to be sized a bit bigger than boots so we suggest sizing down a 1/2 size from your sneaker size. HELM Boots also offers free exchanges for un-worn boots so that you are able to find your perfect fit.