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    Get your website online for just $2.95/month. Fixed Rates. Free Domain. Secure Email. WordPress. All at HostMetro.

HostMetro FAQ

Why is My New Domain Not Loading?

The domain name registration probably hasn't propagated yet. It takes approximately 24 - 72 hours for newly registered domain to be visible on the Web. During this period, information about the domain name (including information about its name servers, registrar, and contact information) is being sent to every name servers in the world. Your domain will be inaccessible until every name server lying between your local computer and your server have received and processed this information.

A similar process occurs when a domain is renewed after its expiration date. If you renew your domain before its expiration date, however, there will be no downtime.

Should I Respond to Domain Renewal Notice Emails From Domain Registry Of America I Don't Recognize?

No. Domain Registry of America and other companies have no connection to Host Metro, and we do not provide your information to them.

These solicitations are not actually domain renewal notices, but an invitation to transfer your domain from your current registrar to their company. DRoA is only one of many companies that do this. The notices look like invoices, making them misleading, but you are not required to transfer your domain to them.

If you receive a hosting or domain-related invoice from a company you don't recognize, please contact our support department.

How Do I Set Up a Subdomain?

Setting up a subdomain is very easy.

Login to your cPanel

  1. In the Domain section, click the "Subdomains" icon.
  2. In "Subdomain" type in the name you would like to be your subdomain. In the drop-down menu choose the domain name you would like to add this subdomain to.
  3. A Document Root will automatically be created for this subfolder in the public_html folder. You can change this if you want.
  4. Click "Create".

Do I Need to Type Www In Front Of My Domain?

No.  Your domain is accessible both my and  WWW stands for World Wide Web.  Though is it not required, many Internet users still type it in.

How Do I Change the Nameservers for My Domain Name?

When you change hosting companies it will be necessary to change your domain name nameserver settings to reflect the change. It's like telling the post office you are moving and letting them know of your new address. If you registered your domain name with a company other than HostMetro you will have to contact them on the specific steps for changing nameservers.