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Hot Diamonds FAQ

How Can I Contact Hot Diamonds?

Visit the Contact Us section of our website, where you can e-mail helpful customer services department. Alternatively, call Hot Diamonds free on: 0800 0234481 (Monday to Friday - 9AM to 5PM).

How Do I Know That Hot Diamonds Have Received the Order That I Have Placed?

When they receive your order, Hot Diamonds will e-mail you an order confirmation message. This can be considered assurance that Hot Diamonds have received your order, and that your order will be processed accordingly.

How Do I Check the Progress Of an Order That I Have Placed?

You can check the progress of your previous orders by viewing the order history section of your My Account pages.

How Should I Care for My Hot Diamonds Jewellery?

Careful handling of your Hot Diamonds product will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment. Finger marks and the dulling caused by day-to-day wear can be removed by lightly polishing with a microfibre cloth. Please note: Excessive rubbing may damage the protective coatings applied to some metals. 

Other simple guidelines include: 

  • Do not spray perfume or other solvents on to jewellery. 
  • Always store your jewellery carefully after wearing.
  • Do not use silver dips.
  • Sandblasted finishes can be cleaned with a soft eraser.
  • Do not wear whilst swimming.
  • For more persistent marks, wash your jewellery in warm soapy water and then thoroughly rinse in clean running water. Dry with a lint free cloth or hair dryer and then lightly polish with your micro fibre cloth.

Are Hot Diamonds Products Conflict Free?

Hot Diamonds guarantees that the diamonds used in all Hot Diamonds jewellery are purchased from legitimate conflict free sources, in compliance with the Kimberley Process and associated United Nations resolutions. 

Hot Diamonds supports the Kimberley Process Initiative to eliminate conflict diamonds from world trade; further details on the Initiative can be found at, and

Can I Purchase a Single Earring On the Website?

Unfortunately, women's earrings are only sold in pairs. Men's earrings, however, are always sold singularly.

If I Order Something Today, When Will It Be Dispatched?

Same Day Dispatch: 

  • All items with a 'same day dispatch' message on website, will be dispatched on the same day that you order, provided that you place your order before 2PM (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays). If you place your order after 2PM, Hot Diamonds will endeavour to dispatch your order on the same day, but your order may be dispatched on the following working day. 
  • All items with an 'Dispatched in 3 Days' message on our website, will be dispatched within three working days, please then allow additional time for your chosen delivery method. 

Multi-item orders:

  • Multi-item orders are always dispatched in their entirety, and so please consider the longest fulfilment time for an item on your order, to be the fulfilment time for your whole order.

Can I Return the Items That I Order From This Website to a Jewellery Store?

Unfortunately, all retail stores that stock Hot Diamonds products are independent from Hot Diamonds Group, and consequently will not be able to handle returns under any circumstances.