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Ibotta FAQ

What If My Phone is Lost Or Stolen?

If you ever lose your device, Ibotta will recommend contacting your cell phone carrier and notifying them of the incident. Your cell phone carrier will disable your lost or stolen device and stop any SMS text messages to it. After they have been notified, you should be able to set up a new device with the same phone number and continue to benefit from Device Verification.  

Please note: Ibotta respects the privacy of your personal information. Your phone number will never be shared with any third party websites or services. This additional security measure is available solely to help protect your earnings. Add your phone number today and keep your account safe!

Do I Need Device Verification?

Yes, although a strong password is a great start to protecting your account, using the same login information across multiple websites can weaken your security. By using device verification, your earnings will remain safe even if your login information has been accessed without your permission or knowledge.  

How Do I Cancel My Ibotta Account?

If you would like to cancel your Ibotta account, please submit a ticket in Help Center and select "cancel account request" from the drop-down menu. Ibotta team will be happy to confirm your cancellation.

If you are having trouble accessing your account, please submit a ticket and select "Deactivated/Suspended Account". You can also write Ibotta team at accountsupport@ibotta.com

Does Ibotta Store My Bank Details?

Ibotta will never ask for your credit card or bank information.
You can transfer money to a gift card or into a PayPal or Venmo account by simply providing your email address.

What are Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are codes that allow you to earn special offers and bonuses.

You can find Promo Codes through various forms of messaging from Ibotta (email, notification, or handouts). The codes can only be used when they are specifically labeled as a “Promo Code”.  

If you receive a Promo Code, visit the Promo Codes section in Account on the Navigation Bar, where you can type in the code provided. If entered incorrectly you will be prompted with an error message.  

Unfortunately Ibotta cannot guarantee that each user will receive the same amount or type of Promo Codes due to certain regulations and restrictions.

Why are Offer Details Important?

Make sure to review the offer details before your purchase! Tap on the product in the Retailer Gallery to view offer details including some of the following: 

  • Expiration dates & times 
  • Specific details and requirements for the offer
  • Any associated bonuses
  • Availability – a list of retailers where the offer can be redeemed
  • A barcode scanner to verify that the product matches! (Tap Check Product Barcode)
  • Can't Find This Item? Use this button to let us know!

Can I Send Receipts for Offers If I Shopped Online?

Unfortunately, Ibotta only accepts in-store printed receipts from Stores (loyalty retailers are excluded). Please note that Ibotta does not accept e-receipts or pick-up receipts at this time.

How Long Do I Have to Send a Receipt to Ibotta?

When you purchase a product that you want to use to redeem an Ibotta offer, there is a time frame that you will have to send the receipt to Ibotta.

All purchases that require you to send a receipt through the app to Ibotta, have a 7 day time limit. That means that you can send your receipt to Ibotta any day up to 7days from the date and time that you make your purchase. 

For example, if you make your purchase on Sunday at 6pm, you will have until the following Sunday at 559pm to send Ibotta your receipt. Unfortunately, if you send your receipt on Monday, the 8th day, your receipt will be marked as Too Old and you may not receive credit. 

Ibotta highly recommends sending your receipt to Ibotta as soon as you can just in case you forget at a later point or before any of the offers you are trying to claim expire.

How Do I Redeem At Hannaford Stores?

Hannaford stores are no longer supported by the loyalty card linked to Ibotta.
To redeem with Hannaford, please take pictures of your receipt and scan product barcodes (if necessary). Ibotta will review your purchase within 48 hours.