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iBuygou FAQ

Is There Any Discount/coupon for My Order, I Have Liked the iBuygou Facebook Page?

Yes, if you like our Facebook page and send a message via your Facebook account to us iBuygou will send you a coupon code with a value of $5.

Can I Change Different Color Of Same Items?

Yes, you can but you need to send iBuygou a messae after making payment via Paypal so iBuygou can see your note when packing your order.

When Will My Order Be Shipped By iBuygou?

iBuygou aim to dispatch orders within 1 to 3 working days after payment is received and confirmed.

Can the Cash Back Reward Be Used for Shipping Charges?

Yes, you can use Cash back towards the cost of shipping with your order(s).

Which Products are Eligible for Cashbask Redemption?

All products are eligible, with the exception of Promotion and clearance products.

Why Do iBuygou Adopt Cash Back Instead Of Real Discount?

With the support of worldwide customers, iBuygou is growing everyday. iBuygou would rather give away some part of profit to those customers who support iBuygou and keep prices competative price than pay high advertising fees to the third party.

Who is Eligible for the Cashback Scheme?

  1. You need to be registered on website. 
  2. You need to provide the cash back link to start getting referrals.
  3. The People who visit ibuygou.com via your link have completed a purchase.

Are There Any Limitations for the Cashback Scheme?

No,There are no limitations of nationality and of tender.

Who Do I Need to Contact to Transfer My Cashback Balance?

Please send an email including your account e-mail to king@ibuygou.com. The cashback balance will be processed after1-3 business days from the date the email request has been received.

When Can I Ask to Transfer Cash Back Balance to Paypal If I Am Vip3, 4 Or 5 Member?

iBuygou is able to transfer cashback balance only after 50 working days of the referring order being processed. For example, if the referring order is received on June 1st then iBuygou can tansfer the balance of this order to your PayPal account on July 22nd.

Can I Ask to Transfer My Cashback Balance to My Paypal Account If I Am a Vip2 Member?

Unfortunately no, only customers with VIP3, 4 and 5 can qualify for transferring cashback balances to PayPal accounts. Other VIP member levels are not eligable.

Can Each Of Referring Order Be Calculated As Cashback?

Unfortunately no, only referring orders using DHL,Fedex and registered airmail can qualify for the cash back scheme.

Can Orders Using Coupon Or Group Buy Be Calculated In the Cashback Scheme?

Unfortunately, no it is not possible to use the Cashback scheme in conjunction with coupons or other group by promotions.

Can Cash Back Rewards Be Used In Exchange for a Coupon?

Yes, for example if you have 10 USD in the cash back balance you are able to use this towards payment of your order.

What is the iBuygou Cashback System?

iBuygou Cashback scheme is the 1st online wholesale and drop-shipping shopping program in China. It aims to provide the chance to share the profit with customers who promote products worldwide to friends, family and co-workers.