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Intimina FAQ

Will I Or My Partner Feel Ziggy Cup During Sexual Intercourse?

No, as Ziggy Cup is positioned under the cervix away from the vaginal canal it cannot be felt by you or your partner during sexual intercourse.

Can I Wear Ziggy Cup While Exercising?

Yes, if your Ziggy Cup is inserted properly, then you can rest assured that it will protect you during sports and athletic activities. 

Can I Wear Ziggy Cup Overnight?

Yes, Ziggy Cup can be worn non-stop for 12 hours, including while you sleep.

How Many Hours At a Time Can I Wear Ziggy Cup?

Ziggy Cup can be worn non-stop for 12 hours at a time without any changes. However, how often you personally will need to change it depends on your flow. For heavier days you may need to change it more frequently than on your lighter ones.

How Do I Know When Ziggy Cup is Properly Inserted?

When Ziggy Cup is properly inserted, you will not be able to feel it. With the correct insertion method, the cup will be pushed back under the cervix and rested behind the pubic bone. To make sure the cup is in place, use your finger to check that your cervix can be felt through the thin part of the silicone.

How Do I Remove Ziggy Cup?

Always wash your hands before removing a menstrual cup. Sitting comfortably on the toilet, relax your body. Insert a clean finger into your vagina, hooking it under the rim of Ziggy Cup. Gently pull the cup out, making sure it is pointing upwards to avoid spillage. Empty the contents into the toilet, then rinse and reinsert for 12 more hours of protection.

How Do I Insert the Ziggy Cup?

Using your fingers, squeeze the rim in half for insertion. Then, sitting comfortably on the toilet, relax your vaginal muscles and insert the cup into your vagina. Tilt towards the back of your body and push the rim up so that it is resting behind your pubic bone.

When Should I Replace My Ziggy Cup?

Cleaning and storing your Ziggy Cup properly will ensure that it lasts for a number of years. While the silicone is very durable, Intimina will recommend that you replace your Ziggy Cup if you notice any cuts, punctures, or the forming of an oily or sticky film. Slight discoloration is normal and may occur over time. Any discoloration that occurs will not affect the effectiveness or safety of the Ziggy Cup.  

Ziggy Cup can be used for up to 2 years.

What Substances Should I Avoid?

Do not use harsh cleaners, petroleum-based substances, tea-tree oil, alcohol, or bleach to clean your Ziggy Cup.

How and How Often Should I Clean Ziggy Cup?

Ziggy Cup can be washed with mild soap and hot water after each use - there is no need for a special cleaning product. The silicone is very flexible so it is easy to clean. We also recommend that you sterilize the cup between each cycle by submerging the cup in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes.

Is Ziggy Cup a Contraceptive?

No, Ziggy Cup is not a contraceptive and will not protect you from STIs or pregnancy as a result of sexual intercourse.

I Am Allergic to Latex, Can I Use Ziggy Cup?

Ziggy Cup is latex-free menstrual cup and is made of premium medical-grade silicone that does not cause sensitivity or allergic reactions.

How Does Ziggy Cup Work?

Ziggy Cup is worn inside the vagina like a tampon. The cup is inserted all the way inside the vagina, resting behind the pubic bone. You wear the cup for up to 12 hours (or until it's full) then you remove it, empty/rinse with clean water, and reinsert.

How Do I Find My Cervix?

The cervix is a tight ring of muscle where menstrual fluid flows from the uterus and feels a little like the tip of your nose. The cervix can change position depending upon where you are in your menstrual cycle, so wait until your next period to check its position. To check your cervix height, wash your hands and insert one finger into your vagina. If you can easily reach your cervix with the tip of your finger then it is positioned quite low.

What Does Ziggy Look Like?

Ziggy Cup is a flat, oval-shaped menstrual cup with an ultra-thin silicone body, a hexagonal pattern and a leak-proof double rim.  

Its dimensions are:  

  • Diameter: 75 mm
  • Length: 65 mm
  • Capacity: 76 ml

What is Ziggy Cup?

Ziggy Cup is the world’s first reusable menstrual cup that gives you period protection, even during sex. Made of ultra-thin medical grade silicone, it collects menstrual flow rather than absorbing it and cannot be felt while worn.

How Do I Find My Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Feel your pelvic floor muscles by inserting one finger approximately 1 inch inside your vagina. Rest your finger against the internal sidewalls as you squeeze and lift your anus, urethra, and vagina to feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting. A Kegel exercise should feel similar to the movements to start and stop urine flow. You can test this out next time you urinate by trying to stop mid-stream. is Displaying Incorrectly. What Can I Do?

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