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If I Am Unable to Travel and Would Like to Transfer the Ticket to Another Person, Can I Amend the Name Online?

No, a change to name is not permitted in Jet Airways. You would need to cancel your ticket and book a new ticket with the correct guest(s) name. Cancellation charges, if any, will be applicable accordingly.

Can I Cancel/ Refund My Entire Booking On Manage Booking Facility?

Yes, you can cancel your entire booking and obtain a refund to the same credit card/debit card/banking account used to purchase tickets on

However, if you have already checked-in using our web or mobile check-in service, kindly call our Contact Centre to cancel the seat reserved during check-in, before requesting for a refund.

Which Bookings Can I Use to Cancel/refund On Manage Booking Facility?

Cancellation and refund of bookings on Manage Booking facility is available for eTickets that are booked on only and before making any changes. This facility can be utilized for both Domestic and International sectors.

Can I Receive an Email Confirmation Of the Updates I Make Through Manage Booking?

No. E-mail confirmation is not available for this facility. However, you can view and reprint the same.

If I Want to Book My Meals Online, How Much Advance Notice Do I Have to Give?

The Online Meal Request is available on the Manage Booking section. For standard meals, the online request should be made at least 2 hours prior to flight departure. For special meals, the online request should be made at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. These timings may change without notice and passengers are requested to verify the same at the time of reservation.

Can I Use Manage Booking, If I Have Booked On the Phone At the Call Centre But Paid Online (OPS)?

Yes. You can use Manage Booking if you have booked on the phone at the Call Centre and paid online.

How Many Times Can I Make Use Of Manage Booking?

There is no limit on the number of times to use Manage Booking.

How Many Days Prior to My Travel Can I Use Manage Booking?

You can use this facility:

  • For Domestic flights: up to 1hour prior to departure
  • For International flights: up to 3 hours prior to departure

How Can I Add My Jetprivilege Number, Change Meal Request Or Update Other Changes In My Itinerary?

After successful login into Manage Booking section, click on Update My Booking, where you can view your itinerary and update your JetPrivilege number, meal request and contact details.

How Can I Reprint My Eticket Itinerary?

After successful login into Manage Booking section, you can view and reprint your eTicket itinerary by the clicking on Reprint eTicket.

Can I Cancel the Itinerary and Obtain Refund?

Yes. You can now cancel the ticket online and obtain the refund. However, cancellation charges, if any, will be applicable accordingly.

Can I Change My Origin and Destination Through the Manage Booking Facility?

Currently this feature is not available through the Manage Booking facility.

If I Update My Booking Through the Manage Booking Facility, How Do I Know That the Changes Have Been Stored In My Booking?

A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen once your changes have been updated in your reservation.

Which Bookings Can I Use to Access the Manage Booking Facility?

Manage Booking facility is available for eTickets:

  • Booked on and across any Jet Airways office / travel agents (ticket number starting with 589)
  • With valid / unutilised travel itineraries
  • Which have been ticketed

Can Multiple Debit / Credit Cards Be Used On Manage Booking?

No. Bookings created on will use the original Debit / Credit card that was used at the time of ticketing to make any further payments on

How Do I Access Manage Booking?

Manage Booking is available on the home page of the Jet Airways website, To access Manage Booking, you will need to enter your six- letter Jet Airways Booking Reference No. (PNR), first name and last name (as in the PNR).

What Can I Do Through Manage Booking?

Following are the features of Manage Booking:

  • Retrieve Itinerary
  • Re-Print Itinerary
  • Update Meals
  • Update contact numbers and your JetPrivilege number
  • Cancel and refund your itinerary (subject to ticket fare type and available for tickets booked on

Partial and full refund will be allowed only on the same credit / debit card.

Who Can Use Manage Booking?

Currently passengers who have booked their tickets on, across Jet Airways offices / Travel Agents (Ticket number starting with 589) are eligible to use Manage Booking facility.

How Do I Benefit From Using Manage Booking?

As a Jet Airways guest, Manage Booking is a self-service online initiative designed to aid you by:

  • Eliminating the need for you to check your booking details and request booking services by phone.
  • Providing / changing your contact details, JetPrivilege number and meal details.

What is Manage Booking?

Manage Bookings is a suite of features, which allows you to retrieve & re-print your bookings and update special requests in your booking record.