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JusByJulie FAQ

What Time Of Day Should I Expect My Order?

You can expect your order to arrive anytime between 9 AM and 8 PM to residential destinations or 9 AM-5 PM to business address. JusByJulie provides a tracking number to assist you in tracking the status of your order, as the times assigned to us through is an estimate. You may track the status of your shipment at anytime by entering your tracking number on www.UPS.com.

How is the Product Packaged?

The JUSes are grouped and bundled into groups of 6, which represent 1 days' worth of JUSes. JusByJulie's products are packaged in an insulated box along with frozen gel packs and dry ice (which disintegrates during transit time), that keep the JUSes fresh. The JUS can arrive anywhere between chilled to room temperature.

Where Does JusByJulie Ship to and Where are the Products Being Shipped From?

JusByJulie ships to all 48 US continental states. All orders will be delivered the next business day after shipping from New York facility.

Why Won't My Order Submit On My Smart Phone?

JusByJulie will recommend placing all orders on a computer. Not all smartphones are equipped with the proper check-out support.

I’m Getting an Error Message On the Website. What Should I Do?

If you experience these issues, please be sure to call customer service department at 347-850-4587, where a representative will gladly assist you in placing your order.

What If the Whole Month On the Calendar is Blacked Out?

If the current month that you are viewing has been completely blacked out, this may mean that JusByJulie has reached our capacity for the month. Use the arrow on the checkout calendar to scroll over to the following month to make your selection.

What Should I Do If I Need to Make a Comment About My Order?

JusByJulie is here to help and answer any questions you may have. If you need to notify JusByJulie of anything regarding your order, please be sure to email customer service department at help@JUSbyJulie.com or give JusByJulie a call at 347-850-4JUS.

How Can I Get In Touch With Customer Service Regarding My Thoughts, Questions Or Concerns?

The best way to get in touch with a customer service representative, is by emailing your thoughts, questions, or concerns to: help@JUSbyJulie.com or by calling JusByJulie at 347-850-4587.

The customer service hours are: 

  • Mon-Thur 9:30am-5:30pm EST 
  • Fri 9:30am-2:00pm EST 
  • Sat/Sun - Closed 

E-mails help Customer Service team locate your order and view previous correspondence with fellow JUSers. It is always best to include the name of which your order was placed under and the order # to help JusByJulie locate your order faster. You may contact JusByJulie at 347-850-4587 to speak with a representative as well as chat with JusByJulie live on www.JUSbyJulie.com!