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LifeExtension FAQ

How Do I Get the Best Prices On Vitamins Online?

By purchasing from Life Extension, you will receive 25% off all of your product purchases. Many of the vitamins and supplements have further discounts if you buy four and some carry even greater discounts when you purchase ten bottles. Watch for the Super Sale every November for the best prices of the year. You receive the same discounts when ordering on the phone, at the retail store, or by purchasing vitamins online at the website. 

Are Life Extension's Anti-aging Supplements Affordable?

Life Extension customers receive discounts that enable them to purchase premium vitamins, anti-aging supplements, weight loss supplements, and more at prices that are often 50% less than health food store prices. Volume discounts enable customers to purchase many supplements at prices below what health food stores pay for similar products that may not contain top quality nutrients. If you purchase Life Extension products, you will receive more nutritional potency for your dollar than from any other source.

How Much Will the Shipping Cost?

As part of their VIP AutoShip, standard shipping and handling within the contiguous United States is FREE with every VIP AutoShip order. Shipping charges will apply for shipments outside the U.S., or if you upgrade to expedited shipping. You do have the flexibility to determine how you want your orders to ship when you set up your VIP AutoShip order. You can also change the shipping method on future orders at any time. Please call Customer Care at 1-800-678-8989 if you have questions regarding shipping charges.

How Many Different Supplements Can I Include On a VIP AutoShip Order?

With VIP AutoShip you'll always get:

  • The lowest available multi-bottle discount price on every Life Extension® product with every VIP order. Even if you order just one bottle, you'll get the least expensive price per-piece automatically on every item, every time!
  • FREE Standard Shipping & Handling with every VIP order, regardless of order size, as long as it's shipped within the contiguous U.S.
  • The most recently enhanced version of a product with each shipment.

What Does Life Extension Do to Ensure the Quality Of Its Products?

LifeExtension focus on two specific areas.

  • Raw Materials: Unlike other supplement companies, the ingredients that go into our supplements are not chosen based on cost. Instead they are chosen based on purity (to ensure contaminants such as microbes and heavy metals comply with regulatory and GMPs requirements), potency, and usage in successful scientific research.
  • Validation of the Efficacy of Ingredients by Scientific Research: They use ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficacy.

What are Life Extension's Quality Control Standards?

Life Extension uses only premium quality vitamins and other ingredients. Their dedication to excellence insists that their nutritional supplements meet the highest standards and criteria.

That is why Life Extension insists on purchasing only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, primarily from leading US, Japanese and European sources. Life Extension goes one step further by using advanced analytical methods, such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, to ensure their products meet label claims for potency and purity. Life Extension tests its raw materials using US Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

What's the Difference Between Life Extension Mix and Life Extension Mix With Extra Niacin? Which One Should I Take?

Life Extension Mix formula contains 190 mg niacin per daily dose, which means you'll be getting a little over 63 mg with each meal. Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin, however, contains 862 mg niacin per daily dose, which is 287 mg per meal. Extra niacin is generally used by people concerned with cholesterol. 

High levels of niacin such as those in Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin should be used with caution by those with liver disease. Consult your physician if you have an elevation of liver enzymes or enlargement of the liver.