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Maverick and Wolf FAQ

Is the Option to Cancel My Order Available?

Maverick & Wolf would like to inform you that; according to the Distance Selling Regulations (2000) and Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) (Amendment) Regulations, 2005; you, as the consumer have the right to cancel your non – prescription order up to 14 days after you have received your item. 

It is imperative that all cancellations are communicated to Maverick and Wolf in writing via mail or email. This provides them with a record of the cancellation, not only protecting you from any misunderstandings but Maverick and Wolf as well.  

Once they receive and have a record of your cancellation on file, Maverick and Wolf will work quickly to facilitate your refund and in any event within 30 days of your order. The cost of prescription lenses cannot be refunded in the event of a cancellation as they are custom – made products cut to your specific needs and measurements.

How Long is the Warranty Valid For?

All designer glasses and sunglasses come with a warranty. Fortunately, for most of the brands they carry, these warranties last for 1 at least one year. For all brands supplied by LUXOTTICA i.e. Chanel, Prada, Ray Ban the warranty is valid for 2 years. As a company known for impeccable service and high quality luxury goods, Maverick and Wolf will repair any defects caused by poor manufacturing or faulty materials for up to one year after the date of purchase. 

If you accidentally damage your eyewear, please let Maverick and Wolf know as soon as possible as they may be able to help you. Luxottica products can be sent to any certified Luxottica stockist made under the warranty policy. It is important to retain of documents pertaining to the proof of purchase as they are needed for any faults to be repaired under the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty. To make the process less stressful for you, Maverick and Wolf may ask you to provide photographs showing the suspected fault before requesting the return of the item.

Is There a Way to Track My Order?

You can always track your order through your online Maverick & Wolf account, just log in to view. You can also check your email inbox as Maverick and Wolf would have sent you a tracking number. If you would like to speak to us directly, you can call or email Maverick and Wolf. If you reside in the UK then the premium delivery company will send you updates via text when the parcel is dispatched, delivered or any rescheduling information if you were out or if you requested them.

If I Am Away; Can the Delivery Be Delayed Until I Am Back?

Yes you can. All you would need to do is contact Customer Services team on 0203 441 1955; your order will be held at London headquarters until you are prepared to receive your order again. 

Is There a Guaranteed Delivery Date?

Maverick and Wolf always aims to deliver their products as safely as possible in a timely manner. Maverick and Wolf also does their best to deliver at the requested times; however as Maverick and Wolf depends on suppliers and delivery partners, Maverick and Wolf cannot guarantee the delivery times as they are only estimates. Thus Maverick and Wolf will advise you to contact them before you place your order, if you would like to have the product by a specific date.

If I Want to Buy an Item That is Not Listed On the Website What Should I Do?

Maverick and Wolf receives new stock on a regular basis and sometimes they do not get the opportunity to upload all of the stock onto the website. So if you want to enquire about a certain product please feel free to contact Maverick and Wolf on 0203 441 1955; as Maverick and Wolf can inform you whether the item was discontinued or if they have it in stock.

Do the Prescription Lenses Come Free With My Glasses?

No they are not. If you would like prescription lenses for your sunglasses then you can purchase them on website. Maverick and Wolf fits their lenses into all of their eyewear; this means that you will not receive the prescription sunglasses with the branded lenses. For example, Ray-Ban sunglasses would come with their high quality optical branded lenses fitted in.

Does Maverick and Wolf Sell Bifocal and Varifocal Glasses?

Yes, Maverick and Wolf has a grand collection of bifocal and varifocal lenses.

Any Hard Cases With My Eyewear?

Some glasses and sunglasses are supplied to them with a hard case or a soft case/pouch, which you would receive in the delivery package. It is up to each individual brand to decide what accessories they would like to include with the eye wear and thus Maverick and Wolf can’t control this; it is important to note that Maverick and Wolf will send your eyewear to you in all its original packaging.

Are There Any Added Accessories?

You will receive all the accessories that come with the eyewear from the brand. All eyewear comes with the protective storage item and cleaning cloth, some brands or products may have more accessories included.

Can I Trust the Authenticity Of Maverick and Wolf's Products?

Here at Maverick & Wolf they are confident and proud to vouch for the authenticity of all their products. Maverick and Wolf can guarantee that all of their products are 100% authentic. Maverick and Wolf is an authorised retailer, and they get all of their products directly from the licensed and globally recognised brand manufacturers. Because of this Maverick and Wolf is able to offer you the latest and up to date products in luxury eye wear trends at competitive prices. With some of the more exclusive brands you receive a serial number and an authenticity certificate and this allows you to confirm the authenticity.