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Mediflow FAQ

Where Can I Buy The Pillow?

Right here on Mediflow's website! Mediflow offers quick shipping and you can rest assured that you will be getting the original The Water Pillow by Mediflow.

How Is The Pillow Customizable?

The firmness of the pillow will be determined based on the amount of water you fill the pillow with. Like a softer pillow? Use less water. Like a firm pillow? Add more water. Mediflow will recommend starting with 3 quarts of water. If it feels too hard, remove some water. Not firm enough? Add more water in. Mediflow will recommend adding or removing water a little bit at a time to find your comfort level the fastest.

What Size Are The Water Pillows?

The Fiberfill, Down and Down Alternative Pillow size is 20”x 28” which is usually called a “jumbo”. Jumbo size pillows are half way between a Standard and Queen and will fit either a Standard or Queen pillowcase. The gel memory Foam Pillow size is 18" x 26" which is a Standard size pillow and will fit any Standard size pillow case.

Are The Pillows Hypoallergenic?

Yes! All of Mediflow’s pillows are hypoallergenic.

Do Any Of Mediflow Pillows Contain Latex?

No! Mediflow does not use latex in any of their pillows.

What Makes Mediflow Pillow So Unique?

Water - the source of life.

As the original water pillow, Mediflow use revolutionary waterbase technology in each pillow they craft. Mediflow only uses the best materials and fills to create the most comfortable sleeping experience for you.

What Does A Twin Pack Come With?

A twin pack comes two pillows and two funnels.

What Comes In A Bonus Value Pack?

The bonus value packs come with two pillows, two anti-allergen pillow protectors and two funnels.

Why Does Mediflow Use Water In Pillows?

It is very simple really, water cannot be compressed and will surround your head and neck allowing for individualized support. Water moves in a fluid motion and therefore will move with you during the night and will reshape itself for full support. By using water, Mediflow is able to provide customers comfort and support.

Is the Water Pouch PVC Free?

Yes, water bladder does not contain any PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride).

I Wake Up With a Very Sore Neck and Upper Shoulders, Will This Pillow Help Me With My Issues?

The secret to the waterbase pillow is that it allows for customizable support due to water pouch technology. The right amount of water can take a few sleeps to find with some trial and error for your perfect comfort and support. Also, after laying on the pillow tuck the edge under your neck for best support.

How Do I Enter a Discount Code?

So you have received a discount code from Mediflow through an email, speaking with customer service or from one of social platforms. Once you have the code it is easy to use, click the item you would like to purchase and proceed to check out. Once at check out you can add the code to the discount spot and press apply. The discount will immediately come off of your purchase total.