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Nest Bedding FAQ

How Big is the Mattress Box and How Heavy is It?

Nest Bedding's signature mattress lines are compressed and roll packed and placed into boxes roughly 18x18x48. Ranging from 70 lbs. to 150 lbs. (depending on size ordered). Our organic mattress ships in multiple boxes, for easy transportation and construction. 

It always helps to have at least two people present when lifting and moving mattresses, before and after they are unboxed.

Why Nest Bedding Put Carry Handles On the Mattresses?

Nest Bedding mattresses have four handles conveniently sewn into the sides of the mattress. These handles are there for proper lifting and adjusting of the bed once it has been placed on your frame or foundation.

How Do I Know When My Purchase Will Arrive?

You will receive a tracking number from staff once your purchase has shipped. Please check your spam filter ensure your tracking email did not get filtered out of your inbox as that can happen.

Can I Return Mattresses?

Mattresses: If a mattress exchange is not for you, worry not. As much as Nest Bedding hate to lose you from the Nest Bedding family, Nest Bedding also understand that sometimes our product may not be the right fit for your needs. Nest Bedding offers free returns on mattresses after the 30th night of your 100-night trial. Returns initiated before the 30th night may result in a restocking fee. 

What If I'd Like to Return My Nest Bedding Before My 30th Day?

Nest Bedding require that all early returns process with 25% restocking fee for that product (tax excluded). In order to continue to provide the convenience of free shipping on all Nest Bedding products, Nest Bedding require a restocking fee only in the event of an early return. 


When Will My Mattress Ship If I Order Over the Weekend?

Nest Bedding gives their factory team weekends off, so shiny new mattresses begin being built bright an early Monday mornings. If you order over the weekend, expect to receive tracking for your mattress during the following two business days. 

Will My Pillows, Sheets, Comforter and Other Luxury Nest Bedding Accessories Ship With My Mattress?

Your new luxury bedding will not arrive in the same box but typically will arrive within a day or two of your mattress. Nest Bedding manufacture products in specialty facilities throughout the U.S. and ship items individually so that your products arrive by the fastest means possible.

Can I Pay Extra to Expedite My Mattress's Shipping?

You shouldn't need to. Nest Bedding completely covers the shipping for your order. Nest Bedding begin building your bed almost as soon as they receive your order and ship as soon as it has been built. Nest Bedding ship their mattresses in a box, via FedEx or UPS straight to your doorstep.

When Can I Expect to Receive My Nest Bedding Mattress?

Your Nest Bedding order has been received and is currently being processed. It typically takes one to three business days to build or prepare your purchase and have it ready for shipping. All Nest Bedding orders are processed in the USA and are coming directly to you from partners across the country. Shipping times and delivery dates can vary from one to five business days depending on where you live. Please anticipate roughly 4-8 business days for most of our products to be processed, shipped, and received at your home.