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Okamac FR FAQ

Is Okamac Benefit to the Environment?

To buy at Okamac is also a gesture for the environment. Why ? Because you are reviving a computer that would normally end up in a dump!

You are therefore participating in a virtuous circle in favor of greater product longevity and fighting against programmed obsolence. Indeed, the mission at Okamac is to restore your computer and give it a life of several years! 

In addition, Okamac is committed to using as little paper as possible and reusing as many boxes as possible for sending our orders.

What If Delays for My Order?

Lead times are 14 days maximum between the time you order and the time you receive your computer.

In addition, you also benefit from 14 days of right of withdrawal from the date on which you received the Mac.

What is the Warranty Of Okamac FR?

Okamac FR offers a minimum 6-month warranty covering any issues you may encounter while using your MacBook. This warranty is extendable to 12 months and 18 months (+6 months and +12 months).

How to Contact Okamac FR?