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Opposuits FAQ

Why are There Flyers In the Inside Pocket Of My Jacket?

When wearing Opposuits' designs, people will come up to you and ask you all about it. The flyers will save you a lot of time, because rather than explaining where you got it every single time, you can also choose to give people a flyer so they can look it up themselves. More importantly; sharing is caring.

Can I Wash My Suit?

Yes you can! Opposuits' suits are machine washable, however only at a cold program (at 80° Fahrenheit or 30° Celsius). Opposuits does recommend taking it to a dry cleaner from time to time.

Can I Wear My Suit More Than Once?

Yes; you can and you will. This is a high quality suit that you can wear over and over again. Especially when you take good care of your suit it will last a long time, just like you would expect with a normal (boring) suit.

When Will New Designs Be Introduced?

Releasing new designs is an ongoing process at OppoSuits. Opposuits doesn't really abide by traditional seasons, so no need to await our 'spring collection'. Opposuits regularly launch new designs but the frequency varies, so Opposuits can't provide you with specific dates.

Can I Buy Some Fabric Separately?

Unfortunately it is not possible to purchase any loose fabrics. It's not that Opposuits doesn’t want to, but simply because Opposuits doesn’t have any, that's how efficient Opposuits make their suits. 

Can I Still Adjust My Order?

Opposuits always try to have orders processed as soon as possible, so most orders are forwarded to the distribution center only minutes after they were placed. And if an order is already being processed at the distribution center, it is unfortunately no longer possible to adjust it. 

I Haven’t Received Any Confirmation Via Email, How Do I Know If My Order Was Successful?

Whenever an order has been processed successfully you should receive at least 2 emails; an order confirmation (including your invoice) and a dispatch notification. When you're not receiving these emails, a couple of things could've happened: 

  • The emails could've ended up in your spam folder
  • The emails could've been stopped by the spam filter from your email provider 
  • You could've accidentally filled in the wrong email address
  • You could've accidentally made a typo in your email address
  • The order or the transaction could've failed, thus not completing the order

Therefore please check your spam folder first. You could also check your bank account to see if a payment was made, but please be aware that this might not be a real-time accurate overview, depending on the payment method you've used.

How Do I Order These Beautiful Products?

  1. Go to the page of the product you want. 
  2. To select a size, click on 'Choose a size...', scroll through the dropdown menu and select the size you want.
  3. Make sure you check the quantity; if you'd like to order more items of this specific design and size, please adjust the number in the 'Qty' field.
  4. Place the product(s) in your cart by clicking on 'Add To Cart'.
  5. If you'd like to order more products, please repeat steps 1 to 4.
  6. If you want to proceed to the checkout, please click 'Checkout' in the pop-up or click on 'CART' in the top of your screen.
  7. In your cart, please fill in your address and contact information, select a shipping method and payment method and proceed by clicking 'Place Order'.
  8. Follow the instructions to carry out the payment.
  9. Prepare yourself for a new and exciting chapter of your life.

I Got an Error During the Payment; Did My Order Get Through?

When you've successfully placed an order at our website, you'll automatically receive an order confirmation (as well as the invoice) via email. When you've received this you may assume your order has come through correctly.

Can I Get a Discount?

Yes! When you place an order at website, you’ll automatically get a 5% discount when you order 5 products or more and a discount of even 10% when you order 10 products or more.  

Can I Get a Copy Of My Invoice?

No problem! Opposuits can provide you with a separate invoice as a PDF-file.

Which Payment Methods Does Opposuits Offer?

Opposuits offer 2 types of payment methods; credit card and PayPal.