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Organic Baby Food GmbH FAQ

Can I Receive Samples Of Your Formula?

Absolutely, they include with every order an amazing mix of free organic formula or cereal samples.

Does Organic Baby Food GmbH Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, Organic Baby Food GmbH always have some starter kits with a large discount. they also offer you a discount for recommending a friend. For a successful recommendation, you and your friend will receive a discount of $10!

What Forms Of Payment Does Organic Baby Food GmbH Accept?

Depending on your location they accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and many more credit cards.

I Have Placed an Order, What's Happens Next?

You will immediately get a confirmation email to verify your order. If there is any problem, simply respond to the email and the customer service team will gladly assist you as soon as possible. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your "Bulk/Junk Mail" folder to ensure that the email did not get flagged.

Usually, your order will be shipped out the same, or next business day and you will receive an email with your tracking number. 

Why is There No Update On My Tracking Information?

Tracking information may not update immediately in some cases especially with "Climate Neutral" shipments. However, please rest assured your item is on its way. There may not be any updates available when the package is in transit between the origin and destination country. The tracking information should pick up again once your packages reach your local country.  

If your tracking status has not been updated for over 2 weeks, please contact us immediately and they will offer you further assistance.

Where is My Tracking Information?

When your order is fulfilled and ready to ship, they will email you a tracking number. Please note: your tracking number may not work immediately as it may not be checked into the carrier’s facility yet.

My Order is Late Or Lost, What Can I Do?

In the rare case of your package is delayed or lost, please note that they will have to contact the carrier to start an investigation. It may take up to 20 days to complete the investigation. Once they have the claim confirmation from the carrier, they will gladly issue you a refund.

How High are the Delivery Costs?

Right now, all packages are prepared in Germany and sent out to their destination countries. Delivery costs, therefore, vary according to country, weight and the chosen shipping method. 

Just place your item in the shopping cart and you'll see the shipping charges. 

Should I Move Up In the Stages?

As a child grows and changes, so do his nutritional requirements. To ensure your baby is getting all of the nutrients he needs to grow and thrive, they highly recommend you use the stage of formula that corresponds with his age. Formula manufacturers like Hipp and Holle have spent many years perfecting formulations to ensure every stage of your baby’s dietary needs is met. 

Please note that there is not much difference in the later stages that would warrant a switch on a specific date. You can move forward, or behind a few weeks.

What are the Differences Between the Stages?

The primary difference between our Infant-Formula (stage 1) and Follow-On Formula (stage 2,3,4) is the balance of milk proteins. Both formulas have whey and casein proteins but in different proportions. 

There is also an increase in iron and filling ingredients such as starch to help wean off of formula and introduce more solid foods in the later stages. 

Stages marked as PRE should not be confused with Premie or Preterm Birth. PRE milk formulas normally contain no starch so you are able to feed more to your baby on a 3-hour schedule.