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Otticanet UK FAQ

Can I Choose the Colour Of Photochromic Lenses?

Yes, you can. Photochromic lenses are available in two different colours: brown and grey.

Can I Ask for Bifocal and Progressive Lenses?

Bifocal and progressive lenses have a complex geometry. At this moment Otticanet does not prepare this type of lenses as the best way is to have them prepared locally upon personalized visit.

What are Bifocal and Progressive Lenses?

They are lenses that allow to see well across any distance by using only one pair of glasses.

What are Monofocal Lenses?

They are lenses that allow single vision only, either distance or reading.

Is It Possible to Order Prescription Lenses?

Yes, Otticanet offers its customers prescription lenses both on prescription frames and sunglasses. You can proceed with the order directly online or request a quote by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Is It Possible to Order Spare Parts?

Yes, it is possible to order spare parts. Spare parts as arms, lenses, nose pads and so on can be purchased.

Are the Glasses Immediately Available?

Yes, generally the glasses are available in stock. Next to each article you will find the estimated delivery date. If the date is close it means that the article is in stock and will be dispatched the following business day. You can contact customer service to check availability and delivery time of the items that are not in stock.

Are the Glasses Shipped In Their Original Case?

All the glasses are shipped in their original hard or soft case depending on the model, and with cleaning cloth, box and included accessories.

Are the Glasses 100% Original?

Yes, all Otticanet glasses are 100% original. All the glasses are shipped in their original packaging and with cleaning cloth, box and accessories.