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My Tracking Link Doesn't Work, What Do I Do?

When you place an order at Oxford Biolabs, you will receive an e-mail once your order is shipped with a tracking link so that you can follow your package right to your doorstep. If for some reason your tracking link doesn’t work, please contact Oxford Biolabs at contact@oxbiolabs.com and they will get you an updated tracking link right away.

How Many Capsules Per Day Should I Take?

One bottle which contains 90 capsules will last 30 days (taking three capsules a day is the recommended quantity). It takes most patients about 5 months (5 bottles) to see results, but some patients report results in as little as three months (for others it takes longer). This discrepancy is largely dependent on a person’s metabolism and genetic predisposition.

At What Age Should One Start Taking Trx2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair?

TRX2® is beneficial for all age groups. They tested their supplement in a variety of patient groups, but found it was most effective for those patients with Norwood Hair Loss Patterns 1-4.

Young men who are just beginning to lose their hair will see minimal regrowth (because only a minimal amount of hair has been lost); however, they can expect their hair shedding to decrease and their hair volume to increase. Middle-aged men will see similar benefits, although those with very extensive hair loss (Norwood Patterns 5-7) will not be able to regrow all of their hair. Nonetheless, their product has been administered to older males with noticeable hair loss and the results have been quite good.

How to Use Information Collected?

Oxford Biolabs may use information in the following ways:

  • To perform the actions for which you specifically provided the information (for example, enabling them to process, validate, and verify purchases).
  • To register you as a client and establish an account for you. To send you e-mail notifications about our new or existing Oxford Biolabs products and services, special offers, or to otherwise contact you.
  • To enhance existing features or develop new features, products and services.
  • To provide advertisers and other third parties with aggregate information about their user base and usage patterns.
  • To allow them to personalise the content and advertising that you and others see based on personal characteristics or preferences.