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Prime Cabinetry FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Get My Design Back?

24-48 hours.

Does Prime Cabinetry's Glass Door Cabinets Come With Glass?

No, todays design trends call for too many different styles of glass for them to stock. Prime Cabinetry will recommend taking your door frames to a local cabinet company to get glass installed.

What is the Difference Between MDF and Particleboard?

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is made of smaller wood fibers which are compressed at a high pressure and temperature making it denser and stronger than particle board.

Does Prime Cabinetry Sell Bathroom Cabinets As Well?

Yes, all cabinet lines come in kitchen and bath varieties.

Does Prime Cabinetry Sell Unfinished Cabinets?

No, all products are sold with painted or stained finishes.

Does Prime Cabinetry Sell Doors and Drawer Fronts?

No, Prime Cabinetry only sells complete cabinets.

Does Prime Cabinetry Have a Showroom Where I Can View the Cabinets?

No, Prime Cabinetry does not have showrooms. The business model is designed to provide you with optimum service, fast lead times, and extreme cost savings. Prime Cabinetry is able to do that by eliminating the overhead associated with operating brick and mortar showrooms. Prime Cabinetry has lots of resources online such as photo gallery , door sample program, and customer testimonials which will instill confidence in your purchase decision.

Are the Cabinets Kcma Certified?

Yes, All cabinets have been tested and exceed the quality standards set forth by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.