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Purina FAQ

Why Does the Dog and Cat Food Contain Colors?

Although dogs and cats are unable to distinguish color, Purina knowS that most pet owners consider the product’s appearance when purchasing food for their pet. Artificial coloring is added to maintain a more desirable and consistent appearance. All colorings used in Purina's pet foods are approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Where is the Dog and Cat Food Manufactured?

99% of Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are manufactured in our own facilities in the U.S.

Does the Dog and Cat Food Contain GMO Grains?

It is likely that our pet food contains GMO grains because genetically modified grain and grain products constitute a significant portion of the supply of grain available throughout the U.S. for both human and pet foods. U.S. grain handling and distribution practices result in a co-mingling of supply, which results in a loss of identity preservation.

The FDA recognizes the safety and equivalence of products derived from U.S.-approved varieties of genetically modified grain, so there is no reason to exclude it from the general supply. In addition, the FDA does not require products containing GMO grains to bear additional labeling.

Why Use Corn In Dog and Cat Food? is Corn a Filler?

“Filler” may be defined as feed ingredients for pet food with little or no nutritional value. Every ingredient in our formulas has a valuable function and plays a part in providing an excellent source of nutrition to your pet. When properly cooked, corn provides a highly digestible source of carbohydrate, essential fatty acids and protein, and thus, is not considered filler.

Corn also has among the highest level of natural antioxidants of any grains. Purina only uses the same grades of corn traditionally used in human food products.

What is a Complete & Balanced Nutrition In Dog Or Cat Food?

Pet food makes up the entirety of a pet’s diet, so it needs to deliver all of the nutrients they need. That’s why pet foods so often use the phrase “complete and balanced.” Every pet food needs to meet federal (FDA) and state regulatory standards before it gets near your Dog’s or Cat’s bowl.

Do I Need to Introduce New Food Gradually to My Dog Or Cat?

You should consider transitioning gradually to new pet foods to help eliminate any digestive issues. Purina recommends consumers introduce a new pet food over a period of 7 – 10 days to help avoid digestive upset. The first day we recommend mixing 10 percent of the new food with 90 percent of the current food. Each day, increase the amount of the new food while decreasing the amount of the current food.

What Should I Consider When Selecting a Pet Food for My Dog/cat?

Select a pet food that is 100% complete and balanced for your pet’s size and life stage when searching for the perfect food, i.e., a large breed food for a dog that is 50 lbs. or more.

How Do I Know How to Feed My Dog Or Cat? How Do I Know If My Dog/cat is Overweight?

Feeding your pet is one of the most important ways you can care for him. Once you have chosen the right food for your pet, you can develop a plan for portioning and scheduling.  For more information, check your product package for specific feeding amounts, watch this video, or read Understanding Cat Food.