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Will the Ankle ID Accommodate My Timing Chip?

Absolutely! You can securely wear your Road ID and timing chip on the same band. Road ID recommendS that you wear them on opposite sides of your ankle (timing chip on the outside your ankle and ID tag on the inside of your ankle).

Will the App Track My Run / Ride Data?

No. This App was not created for tracking data such as speed, distance, heart rate etc. There are many Apps which provide these services already. The Road ID App was developed to provide added safety and peace of mind to the user, their family and friends through the App’s eCrumb and personalized Lock Screen features.

Does the App Replace My Physical Road ID?

No. The App should not replace your physical Road ID. The Road ID App is a valuable tool. It’s important to recognize, however, that in an accident a phone can be damaged or separated from its owner. There’s also no guarantee that a phone will be seen by First Responders or even make it to the hospital with the accident victim. Additionally, like all Apps which utilize location-based (GPS) services, the eCrumb features of the Road ID App require cellular and/or GPS technology in order to work properly. For these reasons, wearing a physical Road ID, on your person, remains critical to providing First Responders with the information they need in an emergency.

How Can I Access the Serial # and PIN On My ID?

The Serial # and PIN can be found on the back of your ID plate. For the Wrist ID Elite and Wrist ID Slim, you can simply take the ID off your wrist and look at the inside of the plate. For the Wrist ID Sport, Ankle ID, and Shoe ID, however, a bit more work is necessary.

What's My Order Status?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to track your package. You can check the status of your order at any time in your account page. 

Do People Purchase Road ID for Gifts?

Sure do! Many of these customers purchase ROADiDs as special gifts for members of their family or special friends. It's odd how Road ID tends neglect their own safety, but do not hesitate to think of the safety of our loved ones. Also, what other gift in the $20-$30 price range could be as important or meaningful to someone you care about? Road ID can ship your order to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Are ROAD iDs Guaranteed?

Of course! Road ID even offerS a "real" guarantee - you know, like companies used to offer. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Additionally,the stainless steel ID carries a lifetime guarantee. That's right, if you are tough enough to wear out the stainless steel, laser engraved Road ID, Road ID will replace it at no charge. Road ID will challenge you to destroy them (through natural wear - gunshots and hand grenades don't count).

NOTE: The lifetime guarantee applies to the stainless steel ID plate only. The bands and straps that they are attached to are not covered for life. Road ID does, however, offer low-cost replacement bands and straps for all of their IDs.

What's Up With the Shape Of the FIXX ID?

The shape (including the notch) is actually the same shape that was used for official military dog tags manufactured between 1941 and the early 1970's. Road ID selected this shape for a number of reasons. First, the military dog tag is the most recognized form of identification in the world. Second, Road ID looks upon the dog tag with pride - as a symbol of those who served in the military and as a symbol of the freedoms they enjoy today in America.

Is the Silicone Elite Plus ID Band Latex Free?

The Elite Plus is made from a fashionable silicone compound, and is completely latex free.

How Do I Put On the Elite Plus ID Bracelet?

The Elite Plus has a stainless steel push-button clasp, similar to what you find on designer watches. You simply press the two buttons to open the clasp. Then, slide the band over your wrist and close the clasp. It's that easy.