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 Rosewe FAQ

Do I Have to Register to Place an Order?

Yes, it is necessary to register before placing an order on Rosewe. To register, enter your email, create a password and wait for the confirmation email from Rosewe, read the email for further instructions. Please make sure the email address you use to register is valid and solely yours.

What are the Benefits to Registering With Us?

The benefits are as follow:

  1. Fast and easy checkout for future transactions.
  2. Easy access to your order status and history.
  3. Get access to your favorite items in “Favorites”.
  4. Enjoy sweet deals such as exclusive discounts, promotions and special offers.

Should I Sign With My Facebook Account?

Signing in with Facebook is an efficient and easy alternative to typing in your username and password every time. Additionally, signing in via Facebook account, you may get access to exclusive offers and deals, such us 20% off sign with facebook.