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What Flavors are Available for the Wedding Cake?

You will have a choice of vanilla, chocolate, Caribbean fruit, and red velvet.

Can I Get Married At a Different Resort Than Where I Am Staying?

No, you must get married at the resort where you are staying.

When Will I Receive My Marriage Certificate?

Your marriage certificate will be sent by the following, depending on the island, Jamaica: 6‐8 weeks, Antigua: 4‐6 weeks, Bahamas: 8‐10 weeks, Saint Lucia: 6-8 weeks, Grenada 2-3 weeks, Barbados 2-4 weeks.

Is There a Fee for the Use Of a Personal Wedding Planner?

No, at Sandals Resorts, every bride and groom have their own personal wedding planner and event team as part of the complimentary wedding inclusions. 

What is the Best Way to Travel With a Wedding Dress?

Any arrangement for transportation of a wedding dress should be discussed directly with your airline carrier.

What are the Different Types Of Ceremonies I Can Choose From for My Wedding?

A non-denominational minister customarily presides over wedding ceremonies, but if you wish to inquire about having a non-religious ceremony (justice of the peace) or a religious ceremony at an additional cost, please talk to your wedding planner.

Is There Tuxedo Rental Available In the Island?

Unfortunately, Sandals does not offer tuxedo rentals on resort; however some resorts have contact information for local formalwear providers (varies by island). Keep in mind, due to the Caribbean climates, you may want to consider a light weight alternative for the groom.

Are There Any Special Inclusions for Weddings With a Group Of Rooms?

Sandals offers a number of exclusive inclusions for Wedding parties that have 5 rooms or more. Please contact Groups department at 1-800-327-1991 ext. 46172 to get more information.

Who Will Assist Me With My Wedding Once I Arrive?

The Resort Wedding Team will be anxious to meet you and will be instrumental in making your dream day a reality.

Can I Bring Down My Own Wedding Decor Items and Favors?

Yes you can, however Sandals would not recommend this as there are custom laws that will require you to pay taxes and duties on these items or they might be confiscated if they are deemed as commercial items. If you decide to take items down with you please note that there is an applicable set up fee. Please speak with your wedding planner for full details.

Can I Mail the Government Fee?

All fees can be mailed as long as the wedding confirmation number is placed with payment. Keep in mind that the fee must be received 7 days from the date you booked the wedding to avoid booking cancellation. Government fees are not included: US$95 for weddings in Jamaica, US$288 for weddings in Antigua, US$310 for weddings in the Bahamas , US$270 for weddings in Saint Lucia, US$180 in Grenada and US$325 in Barbados. 

Are Medical Or Blood Tests Required to Get Married?

No, the islands of Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Grenada and Barbados do not require a medical or blood test to be performed. 

When Do I Finalize My Wedding Details?

Details should be finalized 60 days prior to arrival; your Wedding Planner will guide you through this process.

Is My Wedding Legal In the Country Where I Reside?

Yes, the marriage is a legally binding marriage. You should inquire with your local government regarding name change procedures, etc..