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Do I Need to Pay Shipping Charges for Any Items Returned to Shoppers Stop By Courier?

No, Shoppers Stop offers FREE shipping on returns, which means that any items you wish to return are collected by courier at cost, and you do not bear any charges for the same.

Can I Change Shipping Address Of the Order?

You can change the shipping address before your order is billed and shipped by calling Customer Care on Toll Free No. 1-800-419-6648 (8:00 am to 10:00 pm) or by mailing Shoppers Stop at 

Can I Cancel an Order Or an Item?

Yes, you can cancel the order fully or partially before it is shipped. However, additions to an order, or changes to the item ordered, are not possible. 

Is There a Limit to the Quantity That I Can Order For?

No. However, in some cases where the order quantities are large, Shoppers Stop may verify in order to ensure your security, to confirm that you have indeed ordered for these items.

Can I Redeem Shoppers Stop Gift Voucher for Online Shopping?

No you cannot redeem physical (paper) gift vouchers online.

When Would the Payment Be Deducted From My Card Account? Would I Be Charged As Soon As I Complete Ordering Online?

Yes, an amount equal to your total order value will be deducted, as soon as you place the order. In the unlikely event that Shoppers Stop is unable to ship your full order, you shall receive a full refund for the amount of such undelivered items. 

What Should I Do If My Credit / Debit Card Has Been Compromised When I Am Trying to Make a Payment Online?

Shoppers Stop does not store your complete credit card information on website, and hence this cannot be compromised on our website. If you suspect that your card has been compromised on some other website and has been misused on our website, please immediately report the incident to your card issuing bank Please also refer privacy policy, which mentions that Shoppers Stop does not collect or store your complete credit card information, and this is securely transmitted directly to the Bank's payment gateway.

Can I Pay In-store for a Product Bought Online?

Sorry, as of now Shoppers Stop does not offer such facility. 

Are There Any Specific Terms and Conditions for Using COD Payment Option for a Purchase?

COD payment is now applicable on orders worth Rs 999 & above. It is strictly a cash-only payment method; Gift Vouchers, Demand Drafts, Cheques or Store Credit notes cannot be used for COD orders. Currently, Shoppers Stop offers COD option only at select locations.

What Happens If an Item I Have Ordered is Out Of Stock?

If the item is out of stock when you are trying to add it to your shopping bag, you will be informed immediately and the item won't get added to the shopping bag. 

However, if the item goes out of stock after it has been added to your shopping bag but before check out is completed, you will be informed at the time of check out. You would then need to remove it from your bag before proceeding to check out.

If an item goes out of stock after you have placed your order and received an order-confirmation, then Shoppers Stop will put forward best attempt to fulfill the order by sourcing the selected item. In the event that Shoppers Stop is unable to source it for you, or if it is likely to take longer than 9 days to ship, Shoppers Stop will inform you about the delay and cancel the item, and reverse any charges made to your credit / debit card against that item.

Does Shoppers Stop Accept Payment Through Cheque / Demand Draft?

No, currently Shoppers Stop does not accept payment through cheque/Demand Draft.

Does Shoppers Stop Accept Debit Cards?

Yes (if your issuer bank permits online transactions).

How Can I Make a Payment?

Currently Shoppers Stop only accepts VISA & MASTERCARD, or Amercian Express Credit Cards and Debit Cards (if your issuing bank has enabled them for online transaction) 

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