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Expired Coupons

Why the expired coupons listed here? We hope these coupon codes and deals last longer. Here are a few Skins Promo Codes that may still work, and feel free to give this a try.

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 Skins FAQs

How Should I Wash My Skins?

There's no need to hand wash your SKINS. You can put them in the machine, but wash them on a cold, delicates setting. It's best to use a gentle detergent too. As with all elastomeric garments, the gentler the washing process, the more life you'll get out of your SKINS.

Can I Wear My Skins When I Swim?

Chlorinated water can have a deteriorating effect on SKINS fabric, so we advise against wearing your SKINS in the pool. But seawater is fine. Just give your SKINS a good rinse with freshwater afterwards.

Can I Wear My Skins With Nothing Over The Top, Even In The Sun?

Wear your SKINS loud and proud, or under your kit – whatever suits you best, although we do recommend that the white and flesh coloured SKINS are only worn under other clothing.

SKINS fabric is independently tested and proven to provide 50+ UV protection in non mesh areas so you can enjoy outdoor exercise and activities without the concern of sun related risks.

How Can Skins Prevent Injury During Activity?

When you wear SKINS during activity, the compressive effect prevents muscles from overextending (which can cause injury) and may even treat injuries as they occur.

How Do I Know What Size Skins to Wear?

Choosing the correct size SKINS is essential to ensure you receive the maximum benefits. Our 400 Series garments are sized using Body Mass Function (BMF) / Anthropometric data obtained from our 3D Body Scanning studies whilst our 200 Series garments are sized using a unique Body Mass Index (BMI) / Anthropometric algorithm.

Each SKINS range has a different size chart to determine the most appropriate SKINS garment size and shape you require. Therefore, you need to refer to the size chart that is specific to the product you're interested in.

Why Are Skins Different?

SKINS are different because their unique combination of features works better than any single component. Plus, their benefits are backed by independent testing – something that no other compression and therapeutic sportswear manufacturer can boast.

SKINS benefits include:

  • less lactic acid build up, more muscle oxygenation – and better circulation
  • more muscle power
  • wicking – to draw moisture away from the skin
  • temperature control, whether it’s hot or cold
  • 50+ UV protection

Is There any Proof that Skins Will Help Me?

The performance, recovery and lifestyle benefits of SKINS have all been independently researched and published in peer review journals. The scientific community recognises this type of product testing as the highest standard. In fact, SKINS leads the industry with peer review journal publications.

Research results show that SKINS vastly reduces the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise. This allows for a more rapid return to normal levels and minimises the occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).