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Skylight FAQ

How Do I Get Help Or Support?

Please email Skylight at   

Does Skylight Work Internationally?

Yes! Skylight is shipping internationally, and all you need is a working Wi-Fi connection and an electrical plug adapter to match your country’s style of electrical outlet. Please note that the adapter is NOT included, and unfortunately, they do not sell it in our store. You will need to procure an adapter separately.

Is There Any Cost Beyond the Price Of the Skylight Frame Itself?

No! Once you buy your Skylight frame, there is no monthly subscription fee or any additional cost.

How Do I Get My Photos Onto (and Off Of) a Skylight?

Each Skylight uses a dedicated email address (e.g., You, and your whole family, can send pictures to the frame by email using a computer, but you can also send pictures from your phone right after taking them. All this makes Skylight a great sharing companion when you are on-the-go. Photos can be removed from your Skylight by following on-screen instructions.

What Kind Of Return Policy Does Skylight Provide?

Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee.