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Snapfish UK FAQ

How to Change Quantities and Sizes Of Prints In Your Order?

Each photo you select for prints appears in a gray panel along with all the available print sizes and a number (or numbers) of that print in your order. To change the quantity, change the number, or add a quantity to another print size to order multiple sizes of prints in a single order.

Tip: Open the Quick Order menu above your selected prints to change your entire order.

  • Convert your entire order to best fit, if it appears at the top. This will change your print sizes to the same shape as your camera view, so no cropping is done.
  • Quickly change your order to a specific size, or order multiples of that size.

How to Change the Order Of Pages In a Photo Book?

Change the order of pages in a book by clicking the ALL PAGES icon. Then simply drag and drop individual pages to where you want them.

How to Change the Layout Of Book Pages Or Projects?

The page layout tool (organized by number of photos)Based on the design you select in the store pages, each page of project has a layout for photos, but these can be changed. 

  • Manually change the layout, for example, by resizing and moving each photo space. 
  • Apply a different layout from the Layouts tool on the right. The Layouts menu offers layouts by number of photos (see left). Just click a layout to use it on your page.
  • Click the SHUFFLE icon below the page display to rearrange the photos on a page. Keep clicking it until you find one you like. If you pass by one you like, click UNDO to step back through the changes.
  • Clicking the MAGIC LAYOUTS icon below the page display allows the page to automatically rearrange itself when you add a new photos or photos to it.

How to Change Shipping Address?

Changing the address that you want your order delivered to is really easy. You can do that on the first page you see after clicking the shopping cart icon.

  1. Add the items that you'd like to order to your cart. 
  2. When you are ready to order, click the cart icon in the upper right corner of most pages.
  3. Once you are in the cart, click "Change" under Shipping Information (see below) to view other addresses you've used in the past.
  4. In the overlay, select an address you've used in the past by clicking the SHIP HERE button below the address. Alternatively you can add another address, edit or delete an existing address, or select one as your default address before clicking the SHIP HERE button below the shipping address for the order.

How to Cancel an Order At Snapfish UK?

To deliver your order as quickly as possible, Snapfish begins creating your products after 1 hour from the time when you place an order. Snapfish does allow you to cancel the order within 60 minutes, so you can change your shipping address, shipping method, the product itself, or other aspects of the order.

Important: You cannot cancel an order if it has been longer than 60 minutes since you placed the order 

Note: You cannot cancel an order from within our mobile apps, so if you placed an order in an app, start at step 2 on web site. 

To cancel an order, follow these steps.  

  1. If you are still on the order receipt page, look at the botton left of the page under "Need to make changes", and click "Let Snapfish know". A timer shows next to the link, to let you know how much time you have left to cancel the order. 
  2. If you are not on the order receipt page, go to your home page and in the "Recent Orders" section at the top of the page, click "View order details" on the right of the order you want to cancel. Alternatively, you can open the order details page for the order from your ORDER HISTORY page.
  3. On the order details page, you will see the Cancel Order icon. Click it and on the subsequent screen, confirm that you wish to cancel your order. A confirmation will then appear on the order details page to inform you that your order has been successfully cancelled.

The "Cancel order" link appears on the right of the order details for only an hour after submitting an order.

Note: In AU and NZ, the authorization will remain in your card account until it expires naturally and can take between 7-30 days to see this item disappear from your pending transactions, depending on the card type.

How to Add Embellishments to My Project?

Snapfish UK offers over 3,000 embellishments to make your projects unique and personal, and give them a professional touch. Embellishments can be added to your books, calendars, canvases, mugs, and many other photo products. To use them: 

  • Open Embellishments from the left tool bar and navigate to any category of interest. 
  • Drag and drop an embellishment to the page of your book or calendar.
  • Edit the embellishment if desired. Editing options include changing stacking order (back or front, for overlapping objects), resizing, rotating and deleting.

How to Add Borders to Photos In Projects?

You can now add borders to photos in your projects, and Snapfish UK has a huge palette of colors to choose from. To add borders: 

  • Click the Borders icon on the left and pick the color you'd like to use. 
  • Drag and drop the color onto the photo or photos, or select a photo first and then select your color.
  • For a selected photo:
    Adjust the border width by using the slider bar at the top of the menu.
    Remove the border by selecting the NO BORDER icon in the color menu.