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Sneakerhead FAQ

My Order is Issued, But There is No Departure Number. Where is It?

If your order in the status is "issued" - this means that the order is sent to the post office or to the courier service. The departure number will be a little later. Courier services provide numbers on the day of booking. The Post of Russia provides the number of items within 3 days.

How Long Does the Order Take?

Terms of order collection from 1 to 2 days. If the goods are in a remote warehouse, then the time for order collection increases to 4 days.

I Saw My Order Status is "on Hold," What Does That Mean and What Should I Do?

If your order status remains listed as "On Hold" for more than 1 business day or you receive an email or telephone call requesting further information, please call Customer Service immediately. "On Hold" status for more than one business day generally indicates there is a problem with your order or your credit card.

How Can I Get My Order Shipped to a Different Address Than My Billing Address?

Sneakerhead strongly recommends and prefer that first time customers send their order to the billing address on file with the card account. Sneakerhead may require you to do so in order to comply with our fraud prevention standards. Orders can sometimes be shipped to a different address, however, Sneakerhead still requires the correct, matching address for your credit card in addition to the shipping information. If you need to make arrangements for shipping to a different address, please call 1-866-339-7463 during normal business hours to speak with a representative.

How Do I Know That You're Legit and the Shoes are Authentic? is a member of our local Los Angeles chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Sneakerhead has been rated an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and Sneakerhead participates in their BBB Online Reliability program, which means that Sneakerhead has not only agreed to practice business by the standards of the BBB, but Sneakerhead has also agreed to abide by additional standards set in place for Internet merchants.

Is Sneakerhead's Shoes Authentic?

Yes. All of Sneakerhead's items are 100% authentic and come with their original box. does not sell fakes, variants, or b-grades.