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Spiral Direct FAQ

How Do I Know If an Item is In Stock At Spiral Direct?

Stock levels for each product are available on their website. Find the product you want and you will be able to see the stock levels for each variant and order it. Please note: if an item is displayed on the website as "low stock", there is no guarantee that you will be able to secure that item before somebody else. If you order an item and it goes out of stock, it will be sent out as soon as it becomes available or Spiral Direct will refund you your purchase.

Can I Cancel My Order After It Has Been Placed?

Yes you can, provided your order has not yet been sent out. Just call sales team on +44 (0)208 667 89 22 and state your name, address & order number and Spiral Direct will notify you once the order has been cancelled.

How Can I Pay for My Order At Spiral Direct?

PayPal. PayPal is the safest way to pay on the web and it allows you to pay with your Credit or Debit card without having to sign up for an account. Just click on "I want to pay with a credit / debit card" when checking in and follow the instructions. This way Spiral Direct cover both PayPal and Credit cards users in one easy and hassle-free solution.

Is Ordering From You On the Internet Safe and Secure?

Yes. All orders placed online are done so using a secure server. Your details are never revealed to Spiral Direct and payment is taken directly via the PayPal, the safest way to pay online. Once your payment has been taken, your products will be prepared for shipping. If any item has become unavailable, Spiral Direct will contact you as soon as possible to know whether you would like a refund for this item or you would like to change the item to another one.

How Do I Place an Order With Spiral Direct?

You can either place an order with Spiral Direct online via our website over the phone or via post. Please make sure when sending orders through the post you include your full address, the full item code, design name, size & quantity required, along with your payment for the goods including postage. 

Where Can I Send Model Requests?

Want to model for Spiral? Spiral Direct only does modelling for Spiral in the UK at the moment, so if you are located in the UK, please read first the following: You must be over 18. You must provide Spiral Direct with the following information; whether you are looking to be male or female model, name, age, dress/waist size, address, contact details (including an email address) & most importantly a few pictures (absolute minimum would be a head shot & full length body shot) Pictures need to be in jpeg format & as clear as possible, as we do need to know what you look like after all. We're an alternative clothing company so are looking for alternative models, girls can be a bit more on the commercial side but won't be offended if you have tattoo's, piercings & so on. Please send your details with the headline female/male model request to the following email address: [email protected]

Has My Order Been Shipped By Spiral Direct?

You will receive an email notification once the order has been sent out. If you have not received this email, please log in to your account on website to check the status of your order.

Does Spiral Direct Delivery to My Country?

Spiral Direct ships all Spiral Products worldwide. 

Does Spiral Direct Offer a Express Delivery Service?

Yes. Spiral Direct is offering express delivery.

How Can I Tell the Status Of My Order?

You will receive notifications by email at the following stages of your order: when the order is received; when it has been sent out. You can also check the status of your order by logging in to your account . Here, you will be able to see details of all your previous orders and check the status of any orders that are still being processed.

Does Spiral Direct Has the Same Delivery As the Mailorder Customers?

No. It will depend on the number of box, the size of the items, the weight of the packages and the location where it is sent. Please call or email Spiral Direct for a quote on shipping from Spiral USA.

Are Spiral Direct's Prices Excluding Tax?

Yes. All prices you see when logged in as a wholesale customer are excl. Tax.