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Springer FAQ

I Got Some Problems With Credit Card Payment, What Should I Do?

After entering your credit card details, you may be asked for an additional "SecureCode" or "NetCode". This is an added safety service provided by your credit card issuer. For any inquiry concerning these services, please contact them directly. After entering the code, you will be directed to the order confirmation page.

What Should I Do If the Item is Out Of Stock

Occasionally, a book is out of stock. You may order the item by invoice/advance payment in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

How to Login As a SpringerLink User

In case you already use SpringerLink: You likely have access to selected content on SpringerLink via your university or company. However, in order to buy eBooks, print books, single chapters or articles in the Springer Shop, you will still need to create your own personal account. If you already have a personal SpringerLink account (including password), you can use this account to make purchases in the Springer Shop.

How Do I Use the Ebookshelf?

  • Please login with your personal credentials.
  • Enter your account information's displayed under your name located in the right upper corner.
  • Please select "MyBookshelf" in the menu.
  • Please click centric under "EBOOK BOOKSEHLF" on "SHOW ALL" and your personal eBookshelf with all your purchased eBooks will open.
  • You can now download your eBook as a PDF or ePub file.

Which Ebook Formats Does Springer Offer?

  • Springer eBooks are currently available for purchase in PDF and sometimes EPUB format.
  • If an eBook is available in PDF and EPUB formats, both will become available for download upon purchase.
  • Both formats can be used and read on various digital devices, including mobile phones.
  • EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display automatically.
  • PDF content is static; pages are displayed identically across devices.

Do I Have to Log In If I Only Want to Browse the Catalog at Springer?

No. You are free to browse the catalog without logging in.

You only need to log in if you would like to order a publication, receive email updates on new books and journals by SpringerAlerts, or if you want access to a password-protected part of the system, for example solution manuals for instructors.

How Coupons are Redeemed

Place a product into your cart and visit the checkout. On the checkout page, you will find the field "Coupons/Token". Please type in your coupon code here. Your discount will be credited immediately.

Which Payment Methods Does Springer Accept?

You can make a purchase using MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal. You may also pay by invoice/advance payment for Print Books shipping to Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia/Oceania. pre- and back-orders can be made using invoice/advance payment only and are limited to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia/Oceania.