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If I Choose Not to Participate In Sprint's Mobile Advertising Program, Will I Still Get Mobile Ads?

If you elect not to participate in our Mobile Advertising Program, Sprint will not use, or allow its ad partners to use, information Sprint collects about the websites you visit or the applications you use to provide you wireless service in order to serve ads that are targeted to your interests. But Web and smartphone advertising is an inherent part of smartphone and mobile life, and you likely will still see generic ads on your device.

Further, depending on the applications you use on your smartphone, you are likely to see mobile ads - just not ads that are necessarily relevant to you. Sprint's Mobile Advertising program provides the opportunity to receive ads more relevant to you and your lifestyle.

If I Opt-in, Where Will I See Relevant Mobile Advertising?

You'll see ads in the same places you see them today, such as websites you visit or on applications you access through your Sprint-service wireless device.

What Types Of Accounts and Devices are Included In Sprint's Mobile Advertising Program?

Currently, only consumer accounts are able to participate in the program. And only consumer accounts that use our CDMA network are included at this time. This includes basic mobile phones, Smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, USB modems and data cards. Sprint Phone Connect and Airave devices are not included in the program. At this time, Government, Corporate and Sprint Pre-paid accounts do not participate and information from these customers will not be used.

Is Any Of My Personal Information Shared for Relevant Mobile Advertising?

No, Sprint does not share outside of Sprint any information that identifies you personally for this program. Sprint's Mobile Advertising program offers customers access to more relevant advertising and information. The information customers choose to share is anonymous.

Does Sprint Mobile Controls Allow Me to See the Contents Of My Child's Text Messages?

The service does not allow parents to view the content of text messages sent to or received by their child. Rather, Sprint Mobile Controls allows parents to see with whom, when and how often their child is talking or texting. It also provides controls to allow texting features to be blocked or restricted by time of day (e.g., during school hours). The service enables parents to have the information that they need to monitor a child's text usage generally and to have meaningful conversations with their children.

Where Can Parents Learn More About Privacy, Safety and Security for Mobile Device Use?

Sprint offers a variety of programs such as our 4Net Safety initiative and Sprint Guardian that assist parents and guardians in keeping their family safe. More information can be found at Consumer Solutions.