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Studybay FAQ

How Do I Hide My Bid?

The bids are hidden automatically from all other Writers and are visible only to Students.

How Do I Leave Comments?

To leave comments, you must first place your bid. After you have placed a bid, you can leave comments for the Student below the assignment info. 

How Do I Learn I Have Been Chosen As the Writer for an Assignment?

If you have been selected as a Writer, you will receive a notification by email. You will have to confirm that you're willing to start working and will complete the assignment within deadline. The order status will then change to 'In Progress'. 

If you opt out of work or do not confirm it within 12 hour period, the assignment will automatically return to the auction.

When Do I Receive Payment for a Completed Assignment?

The Student makes pays for an assignment when choosing a Writer. The money will be put on Hold, on their account balance until the final version of the assignment is uploaded. After it has been uploaded, the 20-day warranty begins. During the warranty period, the Student can make requests for corrections, and the Writer is obligated to correct and improve the assignment. A Student's request for correction must still be within the assignment specifications. After 20-day warranty period, the withheld funds will be transferred to the Writer's account.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Funds?

Requests for withdrawals are processed after 3 working days have passed since the filling of the requests. After approval, the requests are filed to the payment system of your choice to finalize the transaction.

How Long Does It Take for the Administration to Process a Petitioned Review?

The petitions may be processed for up to five working days.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Complaint?

The Requests for refunds and recalculations are processed by the Administration in up to five working days depending on the complexity.

How Do I Abandon an Order?

To abandon an order, send an email to {|%s} with your assignment ID, and your reasons for abandoning the assignment.

How Do I Get More Information About the Orders?

All Information regarding orders will be sent to your email 3 times a day (9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM, +3GMT). Studybay will send you a list of new orders based on the information in your profile (disciplines and paper types). You can change the subscription options in your profile settings. 

You can see the complete list of orders by clicking the Assignment Search button.

Do I Have to Pay the Full Price In Advance?

You may pay for your order in two installments. How to use: 

  1. Pay 60% of your order when hiring a writer 
  2. Your writer starts working
  3. Your writer finishes their work
  4. You pay the remaining 40% + 10% for the installment option
  5. You download the finished assignment
  • This option is available to users with paid orders of at least $50 worth combined.
  • You can only use this option for orders costing between $20 and $400.
  • This option costs 10% of your order total.
  • You may download the finished paper only after you complete your second payment.

You can turn this option on and off in your balance page.

How Much Does Studybay Service Cost?

Because there are no intermediaries, costs for assignments are minimal. To get your prices for an assignment directly from the writers you have to place an order to the Auction and wait for Bids from Writers.

How Do I Make a Payment?

In order to make a payment, you have to deposit funds into your virtual StudyBay Wallet (to your account). You can accomplish this using different payment methods, including bank cards, electronic money, PayPal, Webmoney, etc.

Why Should I Use Studybay Services?

StudyBay is an online exchange service, NOT an agency! Writers and Students work together directly, without having to deal with intermediaries. This allows for lesser assignment costs. Chat directly on website – solve any issues with your Student of Writer right away!