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Swann Communications UK FAQ

How Long Can I Run a VGA Cable From My DVR to My VGA Monitor/tv?

Recommend no more than 10 metres / 32 feet cable run between the DVR and the TV or monitor through the VGA

is It Legal for Me to Record Video and Audio Using the Swann CCTV (in a Workplace Or Business, for Example)?

Swann manufactures surveillance equipment; however, Swann doesn’t govern their use. It would be best to speak to your local law enforcement authorities or legal practitioner to find out if it is legal for you to record video AND audio with your surveillance equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prohibition Against Eavesdropping

All jurisdictions have specific laws and regulations relating to the use of cameras. Before using any camera for any purpose, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of all applicable laws and regulations that prohibit or limit the use of cameras and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.