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TicketBureau FAQ

How Do I Buy Tickets At Ticketbureau?

Buying a ticket at TicketBureau is simple and safe.

Go to the event that you want to attend and chose the ticket that best suits your preferences, fill out the form with your details and payment method and that is it. You will then receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order, and how and when you will receive your tickets!

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How Will I Receive My Tickets?

During the process of purchase, you will be asked an address to your tickets be delivered. If you are travelling, and it is already close to the event, it is recommended you to put your hotel address and advise in the reception that you are expecting a parcel.

If, during the purchase process, you are not asked an address, do not worry! Your tickets will be electronic and they will be emailed to you.

When I Will Receive My Tickets?

The tickets are generally send closer to the event.

For football tickets, for example, most of the clubs release their tickets in the same week of the match, sometimes a couple of days in advance. In these cases, you should always expect to receive your tickets even in the day before the match.

Don't worry, they are monitoring all deliveries to make sure you will receive your tickets in time.

How to Know If My Order Was Successful?

A few minutes after you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your reservation at the email address you have given the system.

If you haven't received any confirmation email after 10 minutes, check your junk mail (spam).

What If When an Event is Cancelled?

For this reason, if an event is cancelled by the event organizers, TicketBureau will refund the amount in full of your order. However, if it is a change of date, venue or line up, your ticket will remain valid. So TicketBureau will honour the order and the tickets will be delivered to you.

Can I Cancel My Order At Ticketbureau?

No, unfortunately, all the sales are final and you can't cancel your order. Because TicketBureau is a platform, since the purchase process is completed with your payment been accepted, they are committed with both buyers and sellers, and for this reason you can't cancel or change any transaction and order.

I'm Going With Children. Do They Get a Discount?

Each venue has its own rules regarding the access for children. When the ticket you chose to buy is not specified in the listing as "Child Ticket", it's a general ticket that is valid for both adults and children.

When is the Date Of the Matches Confirmed?

In general, the date and time of football matches is confirmed between 10 and 20 days prior to the event. Confirmation of dates depends on the Football Federation in each country, in some cases the final date is announced and confirmed 1 month earlier. It is the responsibility of each client to keep up to date of any changes and confirm the date and time in the days prior to the match.