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Trophy Skin FAQ

Can I Use MicrodermMD to Treat My Whole Body Or Only My Face?

Medical microdermabrasion is considered a valuable combination therapy to a number of different treatments including chemical peels, topical infusion and laser treatments. With the MicrodermMD, the same concept applies. After removing the dead layer of skin, your topical products will penetrate the skin much better. You will also notice that makeup applies much easier and stays on better.

Can I Use My Own Skincare Products With the MicrodermMd?

You will want to have clean, dry skin with no products applied immediately prior to your microderm treatment. We recommend the use of a high quality anti-aging serum or moisturizer immediately after each treatment. The skin will readily absorb products now that the top layer of dead skin cells have been removed, so this is an ideal time to apply high quality products that will aid in your skincare goals.

You will also want to take care combining microdermabrasion with other exfoliating treatments, like AHA. Please contact customer service for more information.

What Type Of Microdermabrasion is Used By Plastic Surgeons and Other Physicians?

Most medical practitioners these days are using a diamond based, crystal-free system. These professional systems deliver added coarseness and suction levels to fully customize the treatments. With MicrodermMD, we have designed a device based on the same principles as these medical grade systems, using the same dual-action therapy that the professional models use in medical clinics.

Does the Type Of Exfoliation Really Matter?

It does matter a great deal. MicrodermMD does not use crystals or abrasive creams, thereby increasing ease of use and consumer safety by eliminating the potential for ingestion, inhalation, and eye injury. Real diamonds are precise, high quality abrasives that allow you to work near sensitive and hard to reach areas such as the nose and mouth without covering them. Real diamonds are less irritating than traditional crystals and they are hypoallergenic for an effective, comfortable and safe experience. Non-diamond or loose abrasives are less refined and may cause unnecessary discomfort including irritation to the eyes and breathing passageways.

I Have a MicrodermMd and the Suction is No Longer Working? What Do I Do?

Have you checked to see if both the clear rubber O-rings are in place? Is the machine turning on, but there is just weak suction when you turn up the power? Also, check the diamond tip very closely to see if there are any cracks in the white portion of the diamond tip, even a hairline crack can result in loss of suction. After you finish troubleshooting, contact us for the proper course of action.

I Have the Jenu Plus and Wanted to Know Why My Face Pills While Using This? I Only Use Just the Right Amount Of Gel Based On th

The All-Natural JeNu Infusion Gel formula utilizes a mineral bond emulsion that comes from a unique clay located in France.  This emulsion process eliminates the need for synthetic emulsifiers but can ball up if not wiped off after use.  If you have excess Gel on the skin after, you can do a few different things - wipe away with a cleansing cloth, gently buff it away with a dry cloth (this has the added benefit of micro-circulation to detoxify cells) or do a quick rinse.

What is the Difference Between Jenu Plus and the Original Jenu Ultrasonic Infuser?

The Plus is more powerful!  It's the same amount of pulses but a higher duty cycle.  The 365,000 pulses per second are giving a more powerful push, which in essence is making for faster absorption of your skincare.