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    €700/month - 2-bedroom Apartment for Rent In Barcelona, Spain

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    €500/month - Stylish Studio Apartment for Rent

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    €485/month - Double bedroom in a 6-bedroom flat in proximity to Barcelona Management Institute

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    €590/month - 2-bedroom Apartment, With Outdoor Area In Barcelona

Uniplaces FAQ

Can I Book More Than Once With Uniplaces?

You can book as many times as you wish with Uniplaces. If you choose to send more than one booking request, the first one to get accepted will be your confirmed booking.

Whenever you send a booking request, you will need to provide your payment details. However, rest assured that your credit card will only be charged once a landlord accepts your booking request. You will not be charged for the other booking requests you sent, which will be automatically declined.

If you have any questions about bookings, please visit our Bookings section. If you have questions about what and how to pay, please visit our Payments section here.

How to Book a Place That Offers Instant Booking?

You simply need to select the dates that offer Instant Booking. You can do so in the calendar box at the bottom of your screen by clicking on "Select these dates". As soon as you do, a blue "Book Now" button with a lightning bolt will appear. Keep in mind that as soon as you finish filling in the check-out form, your credit card will automatically be charged with the first month's rent, the Uniplaces one-time service fee and, only if applicable, the holding deposit.

How to Know If a Place Offers Instant Booking?

Instant Booking listings show up on the search results with the blue "Instant Booking" tag. If a place offers Instant Booking, a small pop up bar will show up in the listing page letting you know the dates you have to select to be able to book the place instantly.

What is an Instant Booking?

If you come across a listing that offers Instant Booking, it means that:

  1. It is an Exclusive place, meaning it is only available to book on Uniplaces;
  2. You can book it instantly between a specific period of time;
  3. You don't need to wait for the landlord's acceptance.

Places that offer Instant Booking almost always have a pre-defined period of time you can book. It normally corresponds to a 6-month period to match the length of an academic semester.

When Uniplaces Or the Landlord Cancels My Booking Due to an Unexpected Event?

Everything you paid for will be 100% refunded, including the first month's rent, Uniplaces's service fee, and the holding deposit (if applicable). Depending on your payment method and bank account, the amount should be back to your account within a few business days. Please allow up to 10 working days due to international bank transfers.

What is the 24-hour Safety Period?

Uniplaces strives to make sure the photos and information you see in the listings accurately represent what you will find when you arrive in your new home. Uniplaces created the 24-hour safety period to protect students and to make sure they are compensated in case something goes wrong.

In the unlikely and unfortunate event of arriving only to find a place that looks completely different from the one you booked, or if it has different conditions from the ones that were included in the listing, please let Uniplaces know within 24 hours of your move-in date so Uniplaces can investigate and withhold the rent transfer to the landlord.