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Vitamasques FAQ

Is Vitamasques' Products Vegan?

The majority of the products are vegan-friendly. Vitamasques will always let you know in the product description if the item is suitable for vegans.

Vitamasques also has a whole section dedicated to vegans; you can see this here. The ingredients Vitamasques uses that are not vegan-friendly will either contain honey, pearl or milk protein.

Does Vitamasques Test On Animals?

No! Vitamasques is totally cruelty-free. Vitamasques doesn't believe in animal testing... it's not like a bunny will be wearing the masks anytime soon.

What Mask Do I Need?

Vitamasques is here to help you find the right mask(s) for your skin, but Vitamasques has made this quick reference guide below to get you started!

  • Acne: You need nourishment
  • Oily: You need purifying
  • Dry: You need moisturising
  • Anti-ageing: You need plumping!
  • Combination: You need clarifying
  • Dull: You need brightening