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Yay Images FAQ

How is My Payment Secured?

Your payment is secured with several layers of security and all transactions are handled by payment provider. Yay Images does not store any credit card information.

Can Yay Images Provide Me with a Receipt in My Currency?

Yay Imagess only accepts payment in US Dollars and therefore all the receipts are in US Dollars.

Unfortunately Yay Images can't provide you with a receipt in your currency, since the exchange rate between US Dollars and your currency of choice is set by your bank, and therefore out of control.

Where Can I Find the Receipt for My Purchases?

You will receive a copy of the receipt to your registered email-address.

Which Payment Options Does Yay Images Provide?

Yay Images offers several payment options:

  • VISA 
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • AMEX via PayPal

If I Cancel My Subscription, Will Yay Images Delete My Streamed Images?

No. If you have Streaming Plan which includes hosting, and then cancel it, Yay Images will not delete your images. This means that your images will still show up when you stream them onto your site.

However, if you delete your account, Yay Images will also delete your images. 

Yay Images does keep options open here though, but Yay Images will make sure to keep you posted if this changes in the future.

Can I Upgrade / Downgrade My Subscription?

Yes! You can, at any time, change your subscription plan. An up- or downgrade will be effective immediately. For an upgrade you will be billed immediately, while for a downgrade you will be billed less on the next billing.

If you downgrade, you will loose any rollover images.

When Do I Need an Extended License?

Generally most uses of stock images are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. The exception is if you are selling a product which incorporates the images in an essential manner. This basically means that you must purchase an extended license if you are selling a product where the image is central to the product you are selling. Examples of this could be if you are using the image on postcards, t-shirts or coffee cups. Yay Images also recommends an extended license if you need to print/use the image more than 500 000 times (this does not apply to advertisements, tv-productions or websites).

If you are making a product in less than 100 copies, you do NOT need an extended license. If you purchase a standard license, you can upgrade it to an extended license by contacting us. 

To acquire an extended license, you need the Pro Plan. This plan has 100 Extended License downloads included per month.

Can I Use the Image In a Logo?

Yes! Images with a Royalty Free license can be used or incorporated into a logo. Please note, however, that it is not possible to trademark a logo with a Royalty Free image in it.

Also remember that other people and companies can purchase the same image as you have chosen, since you do not receive the exclusive rights to the image(s) you buy.

Who Owns the Rights to the Image(s)?

The copyright of images found at YAY are solely owned by the photographer who took the image. When you purchase an image, you get a license that grants you permission to use the image.

YAY has obtained the rights to market and sell licenses of the photos / artworks for the photographers. The photographer gets paid a commission each time an image is downloaded or streamed.

Are There Limitations On Size, Circulation Or Duration Of Use?

Nope! The best argument to use Royalty Free stock images you find at YAY, is that there are almost no limitations. You can use the images an unlimited amount of times without paying extra. There are also no limitations on the duration of the usage or the size.

It doesn't matter if you use the image in a magazine, on a website or any other use. All uses are included in the same license. You can also use the same image in different media, without paying extra.

Can I Get a Refund If I'm Not Satisfied?

Yay Images offers a Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.

If you are not happy with the subscription you've bought, please contact Yay Images as soon as possible and Yay Images will arrange a refund. Please note the reason why you are not happy with the purchase. 

Yay Images does not offer refunds after you've already downloaded a bunch of images, so you have to contact Yay Images as soon as you've figured out that this is something you can't use. 

After a refund has been issued, it will take a few days and the money will be returned to your credit card.

How Many Images Do I Get In a Month?

All the images you can eat! Okay, you can stream as many images you'd like. The number of downloads you get depends on the plan you choose.

  • Streaming: Unlimited streaming images + 1 download 
  • Mini: Unlimited streaming images + 5 downloads 
  • More: Unlimited streaming images + 10 downloads 
  • Mighty: Unlimited streaming images + 50 downloads 
  • Max: Unlimited streaming images + 1000 downloads 
  • Pro: Unlimited streaming images + 1000 downloads + 100 extended licenses

What Is Streaming?

Streaming is a method where Yay Images delivers the images directly to the end-user. For you this means that you do not need to upload and host the image - Yay Images will fix that for you!

When you have a streaming plan at YAY, you get a link to the image you want to use. You can paste this link directly into whatever you are working with, whether it's your blog, newsletter or website. 

All streamed images are using world-class hosting technology. Yay Images will provide you with Content Delivery Network (CDN) for quick access to the images. A CDN is a network of servers around the world that gives your users low latency, high performance and high availabilty. Yay Images has never experienced downtime on hosted images!

Is It Free to Register?

It is 100 % free to sign-up and search for images. You only need to pay when you have found the images you want to purchase and need to sign-up for a subscription. 

Yay Images also offers a freemium subscription if you want to try us out. Just sign up for an account using Facebook and you automatically get 5 free streaming images per month.