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YI Technology FAQ

How Many YI Home Cameras Can Be Connected to One Account?

YI Technology recommend having no more than 12 cameras connected to single Wi-Fi network to ensure the best connection.  

  • Each camera requires sufficient bandwidth to stay connected and will occupy approximately 0.5Mbps upload bandwidth. 
  • Each camera under your account can be paired to the same or a different network.
  • Each camera can be paired to only 1 account at a time.

How Do I Obtain Full Coverage Of a Room?

Typically, a home camera is placed in the corner of a room where it can optimize the view angle. YI Technology recommend having at least two cameras to fully cover a large space, such as a living room. To completely monitor your home, users can add cameras in every room for a full home monitoring system.

I'm On a 5GHz Network. Can I Still Use the Camera?

The YI Home camera is only compatible on a 2.4GHz band network. 5GHz networks are not supported. 

All routers have a 2.4GHz band network available and most routers are dual-band, meaning they have both a 2.4GHz and 5Ghz band network. Many routers have both bands available simultaneously, meaning you can see two network names for your router. Check your Wi-Fi settings to see if you have 2 networks available. The 5GHz network name will typically end in a 5, while the 2.4GHz network might end in 2 but it may not be indicated in the name. 

If you need additional help, contact your internet service provider for assistance on connecting to your 2.4GHz band network.

Can YI Home Camera Be Used Outdoors? What’s the Highest and Lowest Temperature Limitation?

Temperature suitable for the 1st generation YI Home Camera is -10℃~51℃, while for the 2nd generation it is -10℃~60℃. You can use YI Home Camera outdoors with proper temperature and power interface. However, please don’t put the camera in wet weather (rain or snow) since the camera is not waterproof.

Is the Camera Battery Operated?

All YI cameras require a constant power source to operate. The camera's contents includes a power adapter and 6ft micro USB cable.

How Do I Contact Customer Support?

If you have any questions or need help with your YI camera, please don't hesitate to contact YI Technology . The friendly customer support team is always happy to help. 

How to Get in Touch 

  • Submit a request on website.
  • Email YI Technology directly at [email protected] 
  • Call YI Technology at 1-844-234-8492 (M-F 8-4PM PST). 
  • Amazon customers can contact YI Technology using the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging System or through any of the methods listed above. 

YI Technology does their best to answer all inquiries within 48 hours. In most cases, you'll receive a reply much sooner.