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Zutano FAQ

What Countries Does Zutano Ship To?

Shipping is available anywhere in the United States or Canada.

When Shipping Outside the US How are Duties and Taxes Handled?

Any duty or taxes incurred are the responsibility of the recipient and are payable upon receipt of the goods. It is important to remember this when sending gifts outside the US - the gift recipient will be charged duties and taxes if the gift is sent directly from Zutano.

When Will My Zutano Order Be Shipped?

Orders are shipped within two business days of receipt. Zutano's business days are Monday through Friday. Zutano does not ship on Saturdays.

Once My Order Has Shipped How Long Will It Take to Arrive?

Your order will be received within the following amount of business days depending on your shipping speed- 

  • Standard Shipping- 3-6 business days 
  • 3-Day Express- 1-3 business days
  • Next Day- if the order is placed before 1pm EST your order will arrive the following business day

Does Zutano Offer a Gift Registry?

Zutano does not currently offer a Gift Registry. However, you do have the ability to create a Wish List to share with family and friends. Once you have signed in to your account it's as simple as shopping and clicking "Send to Wish List". Just remember, unlike a Gift Registry your Wish List does not track what has been purchased from your list.

Does Zutano Offer Gift Packaging/wrapping?

Yes. A gift wrap option is available for $4.00 for your entire order. It can be easily added to your order in your shopping cart. Unless otherwise specified, your entire order will be wrapped together as a single gift. If you only want some items wrapped or your order contains gifts with multiple destinations please specify which items you would like wrapped together or not wrapped at all in the note section. You can split the order into as many separate gifts as you’d like and the cost is still $4.00.

Does Zutano Offer Gift Certificates?

Yes. They are available in several different increments up to $250. They can be purchased online and will be sent to you via email with instructions for use.

How Do I Change Or Cancel an Order?

An order may be modified or cancelled prior to shipping. Please contact Zutano at customerservice@zutano.com to inquire whether it is still possible to change or cancel your order.

What are My Payment Option?

Zutano accepts all major credit cards. You can also pay via PayPal or Amazon Pay.

If My Child’s Height is In One Range and Weight In a Different Range What Size Do I Get?

Generally, Zutano will recommend going by the height unless your child’s weight is substantially over or under the suggested weight range. If you're still not sure email Zutano at customerservice@zutano.com and Zutano will be able to provide you with more information about the fit of specific pieces.