Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun. We all know how the hot summer sun is harmful to our skin, and we take due precautions for it. But have you ever given a thought about the effects that sun has on hair? The sun can wreak equal havoc with our hair as with our skin. You protect your skin from the sun. But what about the suns effects on your hair? Sometimes, we can spend so much time trying to find ways to have healthier hair, that we overlook the fact that our hair can also get damaged while we do something. Well, let’s take good care of your hair from now on, follow me and find out the best and affordable products for your hair.

Biotopic® was founded on the concept of creating high performance natural hair growth products for men and women with thinning hair, bald spots or receding hair lines. Their mission is to help you keep thicker and healthier hair naturally.


Get back thicker looking hair naturally with clinically proven hair growth boosters and anti-DHT. The Biotopic® Regrowth System is a 3 step program that starts with your washing hair with energizing caffeine shampoo, conditioning with protein building keratin conditioner, and finally revitalizing roots and combating DHT with nutrient rich Follicle Plus 27™. 

Using these 3 premium hair loss products in place of your standard shampoo and conditioner can help reverse hair loss for healthier, fuller and thicker feeling hair. The regrowth system is a 3 month supply of products, all are 100% drug free, sulfate-free and color safe. No pills to swallow, no side-effects.


Combat receding hairline and bald spots with acclaimed regrowth serum for men. This serum is formulated to help tackle more difficult areas of hair loss and is an excellent compliment to Follicle Plus 27™ spray formula. Hair regrowth nutrients including: caffeine, anagain, liposomes, anti-DHT and hair vitamins. Use the precise pump applicator to directly apply serum onto fingers and apply to problematic areas on along hairline and/or scalp.

Kérastase, the world’s leading exclusive luxury haircare treatment line, found its way to American shores in May 1999. Kérastase arrived in salons with a unique approach to haircare, one that demonstrated both a passion for beauty and a commitment to well being.

Bain Lumière Shampoo

Intensely hydrates fiber and removes impurities to illuminate hair. Provides the hair with a light feeling, deeply and durably hydrates the fiber, improves and illuminates natural shine, and leaves hair feeling light.

Extentioniste Weakened Hair Set

Hair set that optimizes and reinforces the length of damaged hair. The set includes a shampoo & conditioner boosted with Creatine and a hair serum formulated with Ceramides formulated to reinforce and restore the structure of hair fiber from within. The result is less breakage and less split ends which allow for increased hair growth.

Summer’s just around the corner and it’s time to make sure your hair looks its absolute best. But have you ever thought about how the sun affects your hair? Just as it can damage your skin, the sun can also damage hair and scalp. So it’s time to learn how to protect your hair from sun, heat, and humidity.