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EastEssence FAQ

Why Do I Have to Pay Return Shipping Charges?

EastEssence.com is one of the most transparent company in costing the products. EastEssence does not believe in charging everyone a higher amount to cover for return shipping costs for a few customers. As many companies bake this cost into their margin, EastEssence believes in charging it as necessary so that customers can enjoy the low prices. Shipping is paid to third party courier services and are not recovered if the order is cancelled or returned hence the fee has to be covered by the customer.

I See a Charge On My Credit Card, But Have Not Received My Tracking Number?

As soon as the order is placed on the website, the credit card is charged the full amount. Since the items are made specifically for you, EastEssence needs to ensure the payment is complete before processing your order. A tracking number is sent in 5 or less business days for express and 10 or less business days for standard orders.

If I Change My Mind On My Order But It is Already Shipped, Can I Refuse the Package?

No. Please accept the package and email EastEssence at returns@eastessence.com to obtain a RMA number to return the package. You have 24 hours after the standard order is placed to cancel/change it. Express orders cannot be cancelled once processed. Please call us at 510.943.4040 if you are past this deadline and EastEssence will do our best to assist you. While EastEssence will try our best to redirect the package back if it is shipped, you will be responsible for return shipping.

I Have a Large Islamic Population Where I Live, How Can I Open an Eastessence.com Franchise?

EastEssence.com is growing exponentially as a brand name in EastEssence community. People recognize EastEssence worldwide as the largest affordable modest clothing store. If you have the entrepreneur spirits, access to a large population of potential customers and any experience in retail, then this might be for you.

Where is My Order Processed and Shipped From?

Living in the Silicon Valley, EastEssence leverage the technology that APPLE and many other industry leaders have designed. EastEssence uses IPD systems where the order is received in EastEssence's USA offices, processed in USA and then picked and shipped from India factory direct to be delivered in 3 business days to your doorstep. This not only saves time and costs, but also facilitates customization of your order to your choice. It also helps us give free shipping to multiple countries. Some items like hijabs, accessories, and prayer items are shipped from our USA warehouses.

Are My Items Made to Order?

EastEssence.com works on a just-in-time method like DELL and the other big IT industry leaders. EastEssence uses that system innovatively in manufacturing garments. Not all but most items are made to order. This facilitates us to customize lengths, sleeve length and special modification requests made by customers. This also helps us maintain zero inventory costs that EastEssence passes on to customers.

What is the Average Processing Time for an Order?

All express orders are processed in 3-4 business days and all standard orders are processed in 7-10 business days. When EastEssence says processed, EastEssence is cutting the fabric, stitching your garment, finishing it and packing it. Shipping time is an additional 3-4 business days.

What is the Goal Of Eastessence.com?

Affordable Modest Clothing is our goal. EastEssence.com has high and strict standards in maintaining the lowest costs and highest quality possible for our customers. While meeting that equilibrium is a challenge, EastEssence.com happily takes that on and proudly carry over 300+ items on our website under $25. EastEssence.com wants to ensure every family is able to dress modestly without having to spend much. The "Giving Back" program is the core of EastEssence.com.