How to Cancel an Order Of Snapfish?

Important: You cannot cancel an order if it has been longer than 60 minutes since you placed the order.

To cancel an order, follow these steps.   

  1. If you are still on the order receipt page, look at the botton left of the page under "Need to make changes", and click "Let us know". A timer shows next to the link, to let you know how much time you have left to cancel the order.
  2. If you are not on the order receipt page, go to your home page and in the "Recent Orders" section at the top of the page, click "View order details" on the right of the order you want to cancel. Alternatively, you can open the order details page for the order from your ORDER HISTORY page. 
  3. On the order details page, you will see the Cancel Order icon. Click it and on the subsequent screen, confirm that you wish to cancel your order. A confirmation will then appear on the order details page to inform you that your order has been successfully cancelled.

The "Cancel order" link appears on the right of the order details for only an hour after submitting an order.

Note: In AU and NZ, the authorization will remain in your card account until it expires naturally and can take between 7-30 days to see this item disappear from your pending transactions, depending on the card type. 

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