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Can I Designate Administrators On My Mimeo Marcketplace Account?

Yes. You can have one or multiple administrators. You can provide full level administration and secondary level administration. The permissions set in place by the administrator(s) will dictate the features shoppers have enabled and content access when using Marketplace.

What Steps Does Mimeo Take to Digitally Secure My File Uploads?

Each time a file is uploaded to Mimeo, a unique certificate is automatically assigned to the user. The file can only be decrypted by Mimeo during the transfer of this data. A secure protocol (HTTPS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is utilized within all of Mimeo’s platforms. These are the same encrypted document transfer technologies utilized by financial and retail institutions. Numerous financial services companies in the Fortune 100 entrust Mimeo to secure their content.

Who At Mimeo Has Access to My Content, Documents and Files?

Employees are granted access only to those tools required to complete the tasks assigned to them. The Mimeo production process is managed by sophisticated, computerized systems that govern all access control and task allocation to fully prevent any unnecessary access.

What Happens to My Documents In the Event Of Power Outage At a Mimeo Production Facility?

Mimeo has an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) in place at all of the production facilities. In the event of power failure caused by outages or inclement weather, Mimeo’s production facilities automatically utilizes UPS, ensuring continuous operation and full security implementation.

Mimeo utilizes UPS that operates for 3 consecutive days without refueling. Additionally, contracts are in place that guarantee Mimeo priority during extended crisis events.

How Does Mimeo Prevent Document Waste?

Every Mimeo Print order is unique, produced on-demand through a defined production process. Mimeo’s production facilities work in conjunction with on-demand orders, by only producing orders in the quantity needed at the time needed. This helps Mimeo to levelize the production, eliminate the need for inventory, and reduce document waste.

Where Does the Magic Happen? Where are Mimeo Production Facilities Located?

Mimeo has 4 wholly owned production facilities in the United States, the UK and Germany.

Mimeo has strategically positioned our manufacturing operations in and around FedEx distribution hubs to achieve the maximum production time and affordable global delivery for your materials.

How Much Will It Cost to Print and Ship My Documents?

Mimeo Print provides real time pricing instantly reflecting document specifications and changes. You’ll always know your exact price prior to placing an order – no hidden surprises.

Can I Track My Document Orders?

Yes! Mimeo Print provides full visibility into your document’s journey. Now you can see where each package is in the delivery stage up for up to 1,000 different locations.

Is Mimeo Print Mobile - Friendly?

Mimeo enables users to place orders remotely anywhere, at any time. Orders can be placed on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, Mimeo supports the latest versions of all web browsers.

What If My Content Doesn't Fit Into a Product's Folds, Panels Or Cutlines?

Mimeo Print’s online proof will show you what your document will look like. If your content isn’t quite fitting with the folds or cutlines of a document, Mimeo provides free templates for download. These templates provide guidelines and dimensions for your content layout in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Can I Upload Any File Type to Mimeo Print?

You can upload PDF and Microsoft Word files to Mimeo Print. If you’re looking to upload image files, Mimeo Print supports jpg, jpeg, PNG, gif, bmp, tiff and tif file types.

What Skill Level is Needed to Use Mimeo Print?

Mimeo Print is easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use the platform. Both simple and intuitive, Mimeo Print helps to streamline file upload, document building, proofing and ordering in just a few clicks.