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IK Multimedia FAQ

How Come the Sequencer is Not Playing Back Correctly?

The SYNC is set to USB or Ext (not INT). Setting the SYNC to USB or EXT will disable internal playback of the sequencer. Set to INT to fix this by pressing the ALT > Sync buttons.

Which are the Differences Between the ARC Measurement Software and the ARC Plug-in?

ARC Measurement Software is a standalone application that analyzes your speakers and room system, and automatically calculates the best possible correction intervention. ARC Plug-In is a multiplatform audio processor that applies the correction curve calculated by the ARC Measurement Software to the incoming audio stereo signal in real-time.

What Windows Versions are Supported?

IK Multimedia supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 on most products. We do suggest to always check the product's Specs page at the bottom under 'System Requirements' to insure your particular setup is supported.

Do I Need to Pay for the IK Mac Intel Update?

No. For registered users, IK Multimedia will offer all of its Mac Intel Updates for free.

I Need to Log In Into the User Area But I Forgot My User Name and Password. What Should I Do?

Please click the I forgot my username and/or password link (located below the Login button) then enter your e-mail address associated with your IK Multimedia account. A new password will be e-mailed to you.

Where Can I Find My IK Product Serial Number?

The  Serial number  is written on the  Registration Card included with your IK product, inside the license envelope or provided via email for a Digital Delivery. In the example above it shows where you can find the  Serial number  on your  Registration Card .

For a clear characters' identification, please refer to the legend at the bottom of the card.

Note: the zero can easily be identified in your Serial Number because it is crossed by a line).