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Ancestry FAQ

Can a Woman Take This Test?

Yes, both women and men can use AncestryDNA since they all carry the DNA that is being tested. In fact, men and women are tested in the same way for the same number of markers. Unlike some other DNA tests, which only analyze the Y-chromosome (and can only be taken by a male to look at your direct paternal lineage) or mitochondrial DNA (can be taken by a male or female but only looks at your direct maternal lineage), AncestryDNA looks at a person's entire genome at over 700,000 locations.

What Technology is Behind This New Service?

The AncestryDNA test uses microarray-based autosomal DNA testing, which surveys a person's entire genome at over 700,000 locations, all with a simple saliva sample. Additionally, the new online interface integrates state-of-the-art tools for you to utilize your DNA results for family history research.

How Do I See My Results?

When your AncestryDNA results are ready, you will receive an email from AncestryDNA notifying you, with a link to view your results. Your results will also be available online in your password-protected AncestryDNA account.

How Long Does It Takes to Get My Results?

Your AncestryDNA test results will normally take about 6-8 weeks to process from the time that the lab receives your DNA sample. Due to high demand, results may take longer than 8 weeks. Please note that you must also activate your DNA kit online in order to begin processing.

How Secure and Private is AncesrtyDNA?

Your privacy is important to Ancestry. Ancestry uses industry standard security practices to store your DNA sample, your DNA test results, and other personal data you provide to Ancestry. In addition, we store your DNA test results and DNA sample without your name or other common identifying information. You own your DNA data. At any time, you can choose to download raw DNA data, have Ancestry delete your DNA test results as described in the AncestryDNA Privacy Statement, or have Ancestry destroy your physical DNA saliva sample. Ancestry does not share with third parties your name or other common identifying information linked to your genetic data, except as legally required or with your explicit consent.