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How Do I Get a Free Gift Or Special Offer On My Catalog, Postcard/flyer Or Email?

To receive the free gift(s) or special offers from GEMPLER'S catalogs, postcards/flyers or email promotions, enter the keycode from that mailing in the "Enter Promo Code" field in the "Order Summary" box that is found on the Shopping Cart or during the Checkout Process (see #5 above for more details).

Why Am I Receiving Multiple Order Confirmation Emails?

You will receive a web order confirmation instantly after placing your order on the web. You will receive another order confirmation once your order has processed. You will receive a shipping confirmation when the order has shipped. You may receive numerous shipping confirmations if your order ships at different times.

How Do I Track an Order On Gemplers?

There are two ways to track an order. The first is by clicking the "Track Orders" link at the top of the website and then typing your order number or web order reference number in the box provided.

If you were registered with the website when you placed your order, you can also sign into your account to view your "Account Information" and track your order. Once you sign in, click "My Account," then click "Order Tracking" from the Orders section. This will show your tracking information for all the orders you have placed under this account.

Please Note: You are able to track orders that were placed both online and over the phone. Tracking information will not appear immediately after placing an order, so please allow a full 24 hours before attempting to track your order. Once you enter your order number, you will be directed to the shipping provider's web site to retrieve tracking information.

How Do I Change My Shipping Option?

Shipping options can only be changed during checkout. When you get to the "Order Completion/Payment" part of the Checkout Process, you will see a section labeled "Shipping Options."Shipping options can only be changed during checkout. When you get to the "Order Completion/Payment" part of the Checkout Process, you will see a section labeled "Shipping Options."

How Do I Remove an Item From the Shopping Cart?

There are two ways to remove items from the Shopping Cart. The first way is to click the "Remove Item" link next to the item in your list of cart contents. Another way to remove an item is by changing the Qty to 0; this will automatically remove the item. You can perform either of these actions in the Shopping Cart or during the "Order Completion/Payment" step of checkout.

How Do I Know If Something is In Stock on Gemplers?

An availability message will appear both on the product page and in the Shopping Cart to indicate whether an item is in stock, backordered, etc. On the product page, the availability message is located between the item number and price. In the Shopping Cart, the availability message is under the item number.

How Do I Search for a Product on Gemplers?

The simplest and fastest way to search for a product is to type the item number, item name or keywords that describe the item in the search bar located in the upper right of every web page. Another way to find products is by using the category list under the Products drop down. When you click on one of the categories it will expand to reveal a more detailed list. Using those links you can browse through different items to find what you're looking for.

When I Try to Log In, Why Does It Say I Have an Invalid Email Address?

The main reason this occurs is that there is an extra character or space in the email address box. This error happens occasionally when you copy and paste your email address into the boxes provided. Delete any extra spaces or characters and try submitting it again. If you still run into this problem after checking for those extra characters or spaces, please call customer service at 1-800-382-8473 and we would be happy to help you work through the problem you are experiencing.