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Gift Card Granny FAQ

When are Reward Points Granted?

In most cases reward points should show up in your account instantly. However occasionally points earned from a purchase may take up to 3-4 hours.  

How Do I Cash Out My Reward Points?

Once you have earned 1,000 or more points, you can log into your account and go to the Rewards Dashboard to claim your reward. Currently all rewards are issued as a $5 off discount toward the purchase at select partners. We are working to change this so you can simply select any gift card you want to cash out your points.

I Am Having Trouble With My Order, What Do I Do?

If you are unsure who you purchased the card from, please check the envelope/package the gift card came in, your email for a receipt, and/or your debit/credit card statements for a business name (company name will be listed next to charges). 

Once you've determined who sold you the gift card, please visit the Consumer Protection page for information on how your gift card purchase is protected. From there, you can contact the business that sold you the card or visit their website for further support. 

The partner businesses of Gift Card Granny will be happy to assist you. If the issue is still not resolved after you've contacted the partner, please fill out the form below and they will help you reach them.

What Happens If I Don't See the Reward Points Show Up In My Account?

If you were not logged in to your account before you made a purchase or completed an activity, Gift Card Granny is not able to track & credit points to your account. If you are sure that you were logged in, please use the form below to send Gift Card Granny the details, including the invoice for any purchases, and they will investigate.

How are Gift Cards Sold At a Discount?

Granny's gift card partners acquire gift cards when people sell their unwanted cards. Once the gift card's balance has been verified, the card is listed for a discount, and the savings are passed along to you. Gift Card Granny also finds deals on gift cards being offered directly from retailers & restaurants.

How Can I Save Money Using Gift Card Granny?

Granny saves you money by finding you the best deal on gift cards, whether you are buying a card to save yourself money or buying it as a gift for a friend. You can explore offers from a variety of sellers all in one place. The average discount is 10% of the card's value. For example, you can find a $100 Lowes gift card for $90 and purchase it from one of our partners. Then if you spend $100 at Lowes using the discount gift card, you essentially saved 10% off your purchase. Combine discount gift cards with store coupons for the ultimate savings.

I Have a Gift Card I Don't Plan On Using, What Should I Do?

In addition to showing you the best deals when you are looking to buy a card, Gift Card Granny also shows you the best offers when you are looking to sell your card. Visit the Sell Gift Card page to receive the best offer for your unwanted card. You have the option to sell a gift card for immediate cash, list it on the site for the highest payout, or trade it in for a different brand.